The best apps to wish Happy New Year and receive 2023

The time of the year comes when more messages are sent, to congratulate Christmas and welcome the new year that is coming. It is also the year in which more repeated messages are received with the same impersonal and repetitive congratulations. For those who want to be different and send real messages, not just mass forwarding or copy-pastewe have selected the best applications for your iPhone and iPad with which you can create completely personalized greeting messages.

All the applications that we have selected have in common that they are available for iPhone and iPad, and that they are also very easy to use. You only have to think about what you want to do and select the application that best suits your idea. Do you want to record a video? Or do you want to make a joint congratulation with more people? Or just create a nice card with a personal message. Whatever your idea is, with these applications you can execute it and send a fun, sincere and elegant message.

The applications are completely free to download, and all of them can be used without having to make any type of payment. Some have in-app purchases to unlock some features, but you don’t have to do so in order to create your card. And if you want to use those “extra” features you can always subscribe for this occasion, and then cancel the subscription and avoid further payments. These are the applications selected for this very special occasion.


JibJab app

A fun application with which we can create videos of different themes using our face, electronic cards and even GIFs that we can share in our messaging applications and social networks. It has templates for all kinds of occasions, and Christmas and New Year are not lacking among them. It also has music for every occasion. The app is free but includes in-app purchases for some of its features.

JibJab (AppStore Link)


ElfYourself app

Another application very similar to the previous one but with the peculiarity that here we can include several faces and make a fun video with all of them, perfect for congratulations with the whole family, friends or colleagues. In the videos the protagonists will be elves with the faces of the people we have chosen. It has free dances, although if we want some more special dances we will have to buy them, either individually or by acquiring an annual pass.

ElfYourself® (AppStore Link)

Christmas Photo Frames

Christmas Photo Frames app

For those who prefer more conventional greetings, this application “Christmas Photo Frames” offers you an infinite number of tools to to be able to make Christmas and New Year greetings with your own photos adding frames, text and other decorative elements that will allow you to customize them to your liking. It has in-app purchases to remove ads and to purchase all available frames, but there’s plenty of free content to make your greeting cards with.

Christmas Photo Frames (AppStore Link)


madlipz app

If your creative skills are superior and you want to do something completely different, MadLipz is your application. in it you will find thousands of clips from movies, series and other famous characters in which you can replace the dialogues or create funny subtitles with your own messages to congratulate the holidays and the new year in the most original way possible. The application is very easy to use and with a little time and a lot of imagination you will get a completely different greeting that everyone will surely love. It’s free and you don’t need to pay anything to create your own clips, although some features do require payment.

MadLipz - Instant Dub and Sub (AppStore Link)

New Year Photo Frames

New Year Photo Frames app

If you want to be more specific and create greeting cards to welcome 2023, this application is perfect for you. You can use your photos, choose from many designs, frames and decorative elements, and create your personalized message that you want to congratulate the new year to all your friends and family. It is very easy to use, and it also has the advantage that there are no integrated purchases within the application, so you can use all its resources without limitations.

New Year Photo Frames C (AppStore Link)