The best gifts for an Apple fan for less than 100 euros

Christmas is one of the times of the year in which more gifts are bought, not to say that it is just that moment par excellence. For this reason, in this post we have compiled a series of gadgets that will surely turn out to be a great gift for any Apple fan, so if you want or have to have a detail with a bitten apple lover, you will know what to give him.

These products cost less than 100 euros and you will love them

We started by talking about headphones that since they went on the market have been able to fall in love with all those who have been lucky enough to try them and use them in their day-to-day lives, especially taking into account their quality/price ratio. Are the No ear (1), which offer great noise cancellation accompanied by fantastic sound quality. In addition, their aesthetics certainly do not let them go unnoticed.

If we have to highlight a product that has a great quality/price ratio and that, on top of that, it is surprising that they cost only 99 euros, it is the HomePod mini. This is Apple’s smart speaker that is not only capable of playing music with exquisite quality, but also has Siri incorporated, to which you can ask whatever you want.

Surely all users who have an iPhone are very excited to receive one good coverand if above this is the official apple skin, even more. It is priced at 67 euros, but the reality is that the experience it offers is fantastic. Of course, it is true that with the passage of time the skin degrades, but that also ends up giving it an aesthetic touch that for many is really attractive. But of course, if we talk about iPhone cases, you also have to put a strap for the Apple Watch, and one of our favorites is the Braided Solo Loopfrom Apple, one of the most comfortable and versatile you can find, with a price of 99 euros.

One of the accessories that we always recommend having on hand, since you never know when you might need it, is a portable battery, and in this case there is one that we always tend to highlight above the rest given the benefits it provides to users, and is the Anker 622, a portable MagSafe battery that delights all those who are lucky enough to enjoy it on a daily basis. It will give you that extra battery whenever you need it and, in addition, it has a very careful design that combines perfectly with the lines of the iPhone. It is priced at 59 euros.

Anker Battery

For iPad users there is also a product that is also really cheap, only 17 euros. It’s about the folio cover PINHEN brand. These types of covers are really useful for all those users who usually use their iPad to take notes or draw on them, since it not only allows you to comfortably store both the iPad and the Apple Pencil, but you can also place the equipment on it and get with it