The best HomeKit deals for this Black Friday

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity to get the home automation accessories that you have been saving on your wish list for a long time, and Aqara has some of its products with discounts of up to 31%so take advantage.

LED strips, door and window sensors, temperature monitors, security cameras, video intercoms, smart buttons, curtain control, smart plugs, HUBs to add accessories… all kinds of Aqara products that you can now get with a significant discount and that we have selected you in this article.


G4 video intercom

This video intercom integrates perfectly with HomeKit, so you can see who is knocking at the door while you enjoy your favorite series on Apple TV, or from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone. It also acts as a security camera with facial recognition, smart notifications and iCloud recording. This 31% reduction leaves it at €89.99.

G3 Camera

If what you prefer is a surveillance camera with a motor to track people and animals, and that also acts as a HUB to add other Aqara accessories and integrate them into HomeKit, the G3 camera is what you are looking for. Facial recognition, compatibility with HomeKit Secure Video, local and cloud recording, gesture recognition… It is one of the most advanced cameras on the market that now has a 37% discount and costs only €82.49.

G2H Pro Camera

The G2H Pro camera is one of the most popular due to its excellent quality-price ratio, with very advanced features but without having to pay a high price for them. Compatible with HomeKit Secure video and all its functions, it is also a HUB to add Aqara accessories. Now it is reduced by 31% and has a price of €54.39.

Double T2 Relay

A small device with which you can control almost any device, such as a ceiling fan, lights, garage doors, blinds motors… Its size allows it to be perfectly hidden even behind sockets, and of course it is compatible with HomeKit and Matter. It is reduced by 15% and its price is €29.74.

T1 Multicolor LED Strip

An LED strip that can show different colors along its length and that can also be animated synchronized with music. Its length is 2 meters, it is compatible with Matter and HomeKit, and It is reduced by 15% with a current price of €42.49.

Door and window sensor P2

A small sensor placed on any door or window will allow you to know if it is closed or open at all times, allowing you to create automations or receive notifications for each opening. It is compatible with Matter and HomeKit, and now it costs €28.04 due to its 15% discount.

FP2 presence detector

One of the most advanced presence detectors you can find on the market right now. It does not detect movements, it detects the simple presence, even of several people, even falls. Its mmWave technology makes it much more advanced than conventional detectors and it is also compatible with Matter and HomeKit. The 16% discount leaves it at a price of €69.99.

Motion detector P1

If you want a more conventional motion detector, this P1 is impressive for its size and price. Perfect to place in hallways and rooms to automate the switching on of lights or as an alarm system for your home. Reduced by 20%, now priced at €23.19.

Thermostatic head E1

Perfect for home heating your home room by room. Placed on the radiator you will be able to know the temperature and regulate its operation. Thanks to HomeKit automations, you can also schedule on, off and control the temperature from anywhere. Now it costs 24% less, with a price of €44.99.

smart plug

Perfect for controlling the on and off of appliances or lamps, as well as for monitoring their energy consumption. It is compatible with HomeKit and It has a price of €23.19 thanks to the 34% discount.

HUB M1S Gen 2

A hub to connect the long list of Aqara accessories to home automation platforms such as HomeKit, thanks to its Zigbee 3.0 protocol. It is also a speaker, it can be your home’s alarm center, and it has a night light. It is reduced by 20% and is priced at €44.79.

Roller blind control

With HomeKit you can control the opening and closing of your home’s roller blinds with this simple accessory. It is compatible with HomeKit and Its price is €53.59 after the 20% discount.