The best iPad at the best price, run and fly

One of the most balanced products that Apple has within its entire catalog of devices is without a doubt the iPad Air, although it is also true that its price is not cheap at all. Therefore, so that those who were thinking of buying it can save some money, in this post we bring you an offer that you will not be able to resist.

discounts available

It is not very common to have the opportunity to buy such a recent device from Apple at a discountand it is that, as you well know, Apple is a company that hardly lowers the price of its products, in fact, on many occasions it chooses to remove it from the catalog when a new version is launched rather than lower the price and keep it as an option for the users.

Fortunately for many users, Apple devices are not only sold in the Apple Store but other stores also have them and are the ones that can offer these same devices but with the odd discount. That is exactly what has happened with the iPad Air, which MediaMarkt He has lowered it taking advantage of the Christmas holidaysso many and many will be able to save some money on the purchase of this device.

If you enter the Apple page you can see how the price of the iPad Air is 769 euros in its 64 GB version and 969 euros in case you want 256 GB of storage. Well, in MediaMarkt you can buy the iPad Air 64 GB for 729 eurosthat is to say 40 euros discount, and the 256 GB iPad Air for 899 euros, that is, 70 euros discount.

Is the iPad Air the best iPad?

As we said at the beginning of this post, the iPad Air is one of the most balanced devices that Apple has in its entire catalog. Obviously, if we look only at the specifications it has, the iPad Pro is better equipment than the iPad Air, however, the best device for a user does not necessarily have to be the one with the most and best features, but the one that is able to meet your needs with a most optimal quality/price ratio.

iPad Air + iPhone

Therefore, for the vast majority of people who want an iPad for work or as a productivity complement to their Mac, the iPad Air is surely the best iPad they can buy. At the level of benefits, it has a M1 processorwhich gives you all the power you need to perform any task, and also has compatibility with the best accessories of the company such as the 2nd generation Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard. The only big difference that can be noticed is the screen, since the Air is not ProMotion and perhaps, for some professionals it may be an impediment, as well as for those who have already used an iPad with this type of screen, it may be a step. backwards, and this is really the only “but” that can be removed from this iPad Air.