The best iPad? Take advantage of this Black Friday discount

The iPad is a device that is always in question, however, it is also one of the most desired equipment by all since it offers great versatility of uses. Well, for all those who were waiting for a good offer to get an iPad, now at MediaMarkt they have this incredible discount on the iPad Air 5. Keep reading and we’ll tell you everything.

Apple has a wide range of options in its catalog in terms of iPad models, and it is that they have been able to refine the needs of users very well and, consequently, have created an iPad for each one of them. . Well, of all the available models, surely the most balanced if we talk about price and performance is the iPad Air 5. If you add to that the discount that you have available at MediaMarkt, well, this incredible opportunity to be able to purchase the 64 GB iPad Air 5 for 699 euros.

Is the iPad Air worth it?

As we have just told you, the iPad Air is surely the most balanced iPad model of all, since despite the fact that it does not have the best features, because these are reserved for the iPad Pro, it does have those that They are very close to that experience but they do not mean an increase in price either.

It’s powered by the M1 chip, which really gives it all the power you need to do the things the vast majority of users do on an iPad, from working with design apps to even editing video with apps like LumaFusion. In addition, you also have to take into account the large screen it has, with very balanced colors and an ideal size to be able to transport it and work comfortably. Therefore, taking into account the price that it has with this MediaMarkt discount, it is obvious that, of course, it is worth buying this device.

iPad Air + Apple Pencil

ideal accessories

Now, one of the “problems” that iPads have, ironically of course, is the number of accessories with which they are compatible and that allow users to further enhance their potential. However, there are three specifically that we consider more important than the rest, and they are the following.

  • 2nd generation Apple Pencil. Undoubtedly, the Apple Pencil makes the iPad different, and for many professionals it is the main work tool, as well as for students or those who want to take notes at work.
  • Magic Keyboard. Of course this is the keyboard for this iPad, and the experience that it is capable of offering thanks to the combination of design and functionality is practically unmatched by any other keyboard on the market. In addition, the presence of the trackpad gives those users who want to use the iPad “like a computer” the opportunity to imitate the same gestures and actions that they would on a MacBook.

iPad Air + iPhone

  • USB-C hub. One of the key points is the presence of the USB-C port, since it allows you to connect both other accessories directly, as well as a USB-C Hub to which you can connect other gadgets through the different ports it offers.