The best iPhone, now with a discount and a gift

With the launch of the iPhone 14, the iPhone 13 has acquired great importance as a potential purchase for many users, since it has become one of the devices with the best value for money both on the official Apple website and on online platforms. third parties such as MediaMark. Therefore, in this article, we are going to analyze this incredible offer that does not come alone, but also comes with a great gift accessory.

discount available

The iPhone 13 has become the fashion device since the launch of the iPhone 14, because they are practically the same device with hardly any differences between generations. In addition, those of Cupertino had been carrying out an approach of price drop when a new generation came out. However, Apple, with this device, has changed its strategy and has maintained the price of the device one year after its release.

Continuing the thread in question, we are all aware that Apple is not a company that offers discounts on its products, and proof has been the new trend this year, nor is it added to any of the special days of the year in which companies make large sales, such as the day without VAT or Black Friday. However, there are third-party platforms such as Amazon, El Corte Inglés or MediaMarkt They usually make incredible offers that make this unit the best value for money iPhone you can buy. Next, we will describe the details of the offer:

  • iPhone 13, Midnight, 128 GB + 20w charger included: 854 euro.

One of the most interesting details of this offer is the charger inclusionSince, Apple from the iPhone 12 has eliminated this accessory to reduce CO₂ emissions and pollution on our Planet. This charger has a price between 25-30 eurosTherefore, the offer is even more interesting. When purchasing the product, you can also add additional protection plans on your device, to have free repairs in the event of an accident or breakage of an internal component.


  • AppleCare Service monthly warranty with full protection against accidental damage, breakage and theft: €18.19 each month.
  • AppleCare Service monthly warranty with protection against accidental damage and breakage: €16.19 each month.
  • Anticrash Ultra Protector + Installation: 24.99 euro.
  • Crash Protector + Installation: 19.99 euro.

Is it a good idea to buy the iPhone 13 now?

The iPhone 13, obviously, is a device that is below the benefits of the Pro series, since it is a device that is designed for a type of user who wants to have a very good device, but who is not going to take advantage of it. all the performance to cameras and video offered by the most advanced models. However, although people may understand that it is a “worst device”, it really is not, since it is the ideal device of the vast majority of users.


Another great advantage of this device is its Screen size, since, its 6.1 inches are really comfortable to be able to consume content and use the equipment with one hand at the same time. Having a big screen also makes you have a good battery, with more than enough autonomy for normal use and even for those occasions when you give it a hard time, for example, when you are traveling and have Apple Maps activated throughout the trip. In short, don’t think twice and get the best value for money iPhone of 2023.

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