The best iPhone of the last four years

Why is it going to be a real sales success?

Apple knows that the public is increasingly demanding and, therefore, I don’t think many users want to buy a fourth-generation iPhone SE with the same performance characteristics as the previous generation, that is, with a very small screen and a fair battery. .

Therefore, Apple will continue with the same formula than previous generations, but updating the components, specifically, this device will be the first to have the 5G chip made by Apple and not by Qualcomm.

He design It is going to change drastically, since, at first, it was rumored that it would have the design of the iPhone XR, but finally it will not be like that, but it will have a design similar to the iPhone 12, with a flat edge design, leaving the round edges of the previous generation. However, the notch would continue to be maintained, but smaller than in the first generations. It will also have a OLED display and not to an LCD screen, with a much more powerful brightness. Of course, this device would have USB-C, and adapted to the Apple ecosystem. The only drawback is that the device would have a single camerasince the entry series has two cameras, while the Pro series has three.

With the launch of the device, it would be the only device that would keep the notch, since the other iPhones would already have the dynamic island. The price would be around 650 euroalthough there may be last minute changes, increasing the price.

Why is Apple going to release the iPhone SE 4?

Apple’s move to launch the fourth-generation iPhone SE is different from the launch of the third- and second-generation iPhones, as they were looking for a gateway device to all of Apple’s products and services. However, the iPhone SE is different, in that it seeks take hold in the premium mid-range market through three devicesthe iPhone 14, the iPhone 14 Plus and the SE.


The fourth-generation iPhone SE features a more up-to-date design than previous generation iPhone SEs, which had an outdated design. To all this, the price will be much more interesting than the entry 14 series, since it would be below 1,000 euros, a price threshold that not all users are willing to pay. Therefore, the iPhone SE becomes a great alternative to those users who want to renew their iPhone, but at an affordable price and without having the latest market news.


Today, the iPhone SE is a device that has a large market in many countries and above all, in many users who No want make such a large outlay for a device. Therefore, if the rumors are confirmed, Apple would launch one of the most important iPhones in the mid-range, rivaling the segment flagships of Samsung, Honor or even Xiaomi.

Time will determine his release date, but what seems clear is that if the rumors are like that,