The best iPhone quality/price now even cheaper

The iPhone 13 has become one of the protagonists in recent months, and all because of the launch of the iPhone 14, and it is that, despite the fact that Apple has not dropped in price, this factor has been decisive for many users will opt for it. Well, now it has a great discount that you have to take advantage of yes or yes.

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As we have just told you, the boom that the iPhone 13 has suffered in salesIt is fully encouraged both by the rise in price of the iPhone 14, and by the scarcity of new features that this device has compared to its predecessor, so in the end, many users have chosen to pay less money and give up the little new features it introduced. the iPhone 14, making the iPhone 13 one of the most recommended devices, without a doubt, of this 2023.

In addition, this situation is very striking, since in the end the price of the iPhone 13 has not dropped at all, since since the price of the 14 has risen, Apple has decided to keep the price of the 13. Now, that does not mean that there has not been other establishments and stores that have lowered the price of the iPhone 13, as is the case of MediaMartk, which currently sells it, for a limited time, for 829 euros in its 128 GB version and in all the colors available, without a doubt, a great offer for all those who are thinking of buying a new iPhone and do not want to reach the 1000 or 900 euros that can cost in the Apple Store.

Reasons why it is worth buying the iPhone 13

If the fact of the price for which you can buy the iPhone 13 is not enough of a reason to do so, then we want to tell you about several aspects that you have to take into account about this device and that, from our point of view, are really positive for you. to the vast majority of users. The first of them is the sizethe iPhone 13 has a 6.1 inch screenthese being the ideal dimensions to mix comfort of use and a good screen where you can consume and create content without problems.

iPhone 13mini

To create content, what users need, in addition to a good screen, is a good camera, and the truth is that at the level of photographic and video features, the iPhone 13 continues to give a good level despite the fact that it is obviously not the best on the market. It has the wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle camera, which offer fantastic results in good light conditions. An important aspect to take into account is Batteryand here it must be said that for normal use it is more than enough, although we return with the same thing, it is not the best you can find in an iPhone, since the Pro Max have a much higher autonomy, however, they are also much more expensive and larger.

In short, the reality is that the iPhone 13 is the best iPhone for mostsince it is capable of satisfying the needs of practically all users and has a fairly competitive price, which with this offer available in MediaMarkt makes your purchase even more juicy, however, we remind you that this discount is limited.

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