The best mountain wallpapers for iPhone

Now that we have with us the new iPhone 14, presented last Wednesday, we bring you a selection of the best wallpapers for that brand new model that you have reserved and that you will soon have in your hands. On this occasion, we bring you the best mountain wallpapers for iPhone. I am sure they will be great and you will enjoy them a lot. Let us begin.

Before we get down to work and put a lot of images of mountains to decorate your new iPhone, I want to explain a little how to put a wallpaper in the terminal. You may already know how it’s done, but it never hurts. Still, we also want those who have recently purchased their iPhone to be able to follow these simple steps without having to go crazy.

To place a wallpaper, we have two options. We can go straight to Settings>Wallpaper, then Select new background. From there we can adjust the image to our screen. Keeping in mind that if the Depth option is activated, the wallpaper moves as we tilt the screen. If we do not want this option then we must touch where it says depth located at the bottom of the screen. By the way, if the wallpaper is a Live Photo, you can activate the Live Photo effect or the Depth option, but not both at the same time.

The other way is opening the photo and pulling out the secondary menu, we will access these settings. Then the process is the same.

Look for the image of the mountains that you like the most and enjoy.

Now yes. I think we are ready to start showing a few images of mountains that will surely delight all of you. among so many surely there is one that you like how it looks on the iPhone. Let’s go there!.

If you don’t want to complicate your life, choose this application

One way to be able to put mountain wallpapers on the iPhone is manually by searching for the image that we like the most of a certain mountain, downloading the photo and going to settings as we have explained before. It may be the longest and most tedious way, but also the most personal. But there are other ways that are easier. So much so that it’s like entering a library of mountain images and choosing the one you want. For this we can download the application Mountains backgrounds. Is free.

mountain wallpapers they are in HD quality. A simple way to enjoy a great landscape.

Mountain Wallpapers (AppStore Link)

Mountain wallpapers in pictures

Let’s go with the selection that we have chosen over mountains.

mountains at dusk

Surely one of the landscapes that we most evoke in our dreams and pleasures when we find ourselves in the middle of the city, is finding ourselves on the edge of a mountain at dusk. That sunset, which reflects on the mountain makes the light warm and on top of that monumental rock makes us feel very small and at the same time very strong and powerful. It is something that grabs you and fills you with energy. That’s why putting those images as wallpaper on the iPhone can make looking at it we can escape from the routinefeel that strength and manage to push ourselves a little more every day.

We put an image that I usually use. The sunset, the water falling in the form of a waterfall and the human being as if he were an ant. It makes me feel special and at the same time vulnerable before the majesty of the mountain.

mountain sunset

A picture is always worth more than a thousand words. How can I describe this photograph of a sunset, between several mountains that are barely visible, but enough to give that feeling of depth and relaxation. That pinkish air that sometimes acquires the sky with the weakest tones of the sun reaching the earth. A sun that stands on the top of the highest mountain which tells us that we will never get to touch him.

mountain background

Very similar to the previous one, but here the fog is not so thick and does not interfere with the natural color of the sunset. A backlight with very marked shadows that reminds us of the beauty of nature.

sunset mountain 3

Another of the favorite scenes, without a doubt, is to observe the mountains at night. When there is an almost absolute silence, only broken by nature itself, and you see not only the rock formations in front of you but also a blanket of stars that makes the scene all the more special. We are going to leave you here some photographs that surely seeing them will transport you to that dreamed place. The truth is that being able to take it with you always, on the iPhone screen, is something that is priceless. By the way, by now you may have realized that you can choose between the background on the initial screen (when starting the phone) or on the screen where we can constantly see the icons. It’s a matter of choice.

mountains at night

mountains night 2


One of the favorite photos, at least for me, that can be taken at night, are those in which we can see the Milky Way. If we are lucky enough to be able to contemplate a mountain in the same scene, we almost have a winner for the phone screen

mountain with milky way

So far I have left you the ones that are, in my opinion and you already know what happens with tastes, that there are for all colors and all sizes, but I think that among those that I have put one will fall as the background of the next iPhone . What I would like is to leave you a few more images, so that you can have more variety. I hope you like them and above all I hope you use them because honestly, even if it sounds very repetitive. this cool power appreciate nature even through the mobile screen. Perhaps we will be encouraged to go out more to see them live.

I put in the first place one of my favorites and that on the iPhone it looks super good if we know how to place the icons.

Background for the iPhone

mountain door mountain mountain with lights Mountain with fog background green Mountain camping background mountain mountain with town aurora background vertigo in mountain background road mountain background