The best opportunity to buy the much cheaper iPhone 14 Pro

The iPhone 14 Pro, how could it be otherwise, is one of the stars of the year in the Apple world, and in the end it is the top of the range of the Cupertino company. However, its leading role lies not only in what it is capable of doing, but also in its price, which is really high. Therefore, having an offer like the one we bring in this post is a great opportunity to save you a good amount of money on the purchase of your next iPhone.

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One of the main problems that users who have wanted and want to buy one of the current Pro models have had is that the price compared to the previous generation has increased considerably. And beware, it is not that Apple has raised prices, it has simply adjusted them to the economic situation in our country, causing an increase of almost 200 euros from the iPhone 13 Pro to the iPhone 14 Pro.

However, How do you feel if we tell you that you can buy the iPhone 14 Pro right now at the price that the iPhone 13 Pro had last year?Well, it’s not like that, since the iPhone 13 Pro cost 1,159 euros, and now the iPhone 14 Pro, thanks to the offer available at MediaMarkt costs 1169 euros. Without a doubt, it is a fantastic opportunity to get a team that is truly incredible in terms of performance, and that will allow you to enjoy it a lot.

The strengths of the iPhone 14 Pro

Leaving the price aside, the iPhone 14 Pro is a truly incredible device, since it has specifications that position it as one of the best smartphones on the market, for many, the best along with its older brother, the iPhone 14 Pro Max. . Its design is really elegant and attractiveIt is also available in up to 4 different colors, such as purple, silver, midnight and gold.

iPhone 14 ProAt the camera level Apple continues to evolve, and in addition to improving the ability to capture light that these lenses have, it has also included recording in action mode, which further increases video stabilization, which is already considered the best on the iPhone. . As for his screenthe 6.1 inches are ideal for viewing and creating content, as well as for consuming series, social networks or performing any action, and this point is key, the 6.1 inches really do it comfortable to use on a daily basis, far from the dimensions of the Pro Max, which also means that its battery is not as good as the large model. Without a doubt, if what you want is a top-of-the-range device with comfortable dimensions for day-to-day life, the iPhone 14 Pro is the most appropriate choice you can make.

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