The best strap and protector for your Apple Watch Ultra

Looking for a stylish band that perfectly matches your Apple Watch Ultra? Are you worried about the blows your precious watch can receive? Well we show you the perfect solution from Lululook, and at an exceptional price.

quality protection

Protecting the Apple Watch Ultra may sound a bit strange, since we are talking about a titanium watch with a sapphire crystal. These are two very resistant materials, there is no doubt about that, but that does not rule out that they can be damaged by a blow, and a watch takes many blows at the end of the day, for example, with door frames. But it doesn’t make much sense to protect something with a material that is less resistant than the one we are protecting, so we have chosen a sapphire protector, and a titanium frame.

These are two independent pieces that we must place in the following order: first the screen protector and then the titanium frame just above. The screen protector is placed in a very similar way to any iPhone protector, and it comes with a tool that makes it much easier to place it because it fits perfectly on the watch screen. Cleaning, removing dust particles and fitting the protector is child’s play, and it takes a minute to do it. The final result, as you can see in the photos and video, is practically imperceptible.

Lululook Screen Protector for Apple Watch

Then we went on to place the titanium frame, which is also very easy to place. We just have to remove the adhesive protector and place it on top of our Apps Watch Ultra. The thickness of this frame compared to the original and somewhat greater, logical, but little else. You won’t be able to tell you’re wearing anything unless you put a bare Apple Watch next to yours. The finish and the color of the frame are very well achieved. Not only is it not visible to the eye, you will not notice it with use either, because the brightness of the screen or the tactile response of the watch are not affected in the slightest.

A strap at the height of the watch

The Apple Watch Ultra is an eminently sports watch, but many of us use it as our day-to-day watch, and this means that sometimes we need to give it a more elegant touch than what its sports straps offer. When choosing the strap, the first idea that comes to mind is the original Apple link, made of steel. The price of the strap, however, is prohibitive (€349), so we must look for another more affordable alternative. We already analyzed the Lululook replicas, so well achieved that they are difficult to differentiate from the originals. Well, now it also offers us a strap in the same color as the Apple Watch Ultra.

Lululook and Apple Watch Strap

The strap is the same as the original: same design, same butterfly clasp, same system to remove and put links. It is without a doubt the best replica of the original Apple strap that you will find, and at a much lower price: $54.99. I have the original Apple strap in black, and I can assure you that you won’t notice the slightest difference between the original and the replica. The titanium color of this strap is also exactly the same as that of the Apple Watch Ultra, so it fits this watch even better than the link strap. You won’t need tools to shorten or lengthen it, the closure is very comfortable and secure, and it fits perfectly with the Apple Watch Ultra. Comfortable, elegant and resistant, you cannot ask for more from a watch strap.

Editor’s Opinion

Lululook offers us two high-quality products for our Apple Watch Ultra, and it also does so at a fantastic price. the perfect screen protector that’s not the least bit noticeable, and a sleek band that looks great on Apple Watch Ultra. The screen protector with the titanium frame is priced at €25.99 (link) and the strap is $54.99 (link).

Strap and screen protector
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$25.99 to $54.99


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