The best video editor on iPad? Watch out for DaVinci Resolve

In the last quarter of 2022, Apple introduced the new iPad Pros with news focused on updating the processor mainly. However, the real resolution and novelty came with DaVinci resolves, which would be available for iPad, becoming the best video editor for this device.

The great novelty of the new iPad Pro is the arrival of DaVinci Resolve for iPadOSwhich represents a huge leap in quality and features for this device, since the iPad is reaffirmed as a professional device, for a professional audience and that, with the arrival of this app, many publishers will be able to use the iPad as their main equipment instead of the Mac.

DaVinci Resolve, a professional video editor for iPad

DaVinci Resolve is available from free form for all iPad users. However, from the app itself, they have warned that it is more advisable to use this video editing app on those devices that carry Apple Silicon, that is, iPad Air and iPad Pro, since in those devices with a smaller processor the performance drops a lot. However, any iPad that has a chip higher than A12 and upgrade to iPadOS 16 you can get and enjoy this software.

As we have said, DaVinci Resolve is free, but if you want to get the professional versionhas a high cost of €114.99a price below the professional version found on Mac, Windows and Linux, which is priced at 222 euros.

DaVinci Resolve for iPad features.

One of the aspects that we have to take into account for this video editor on iPad is that there is no editing module, that is, only the Assembly module will be included. This will allow us to make super fast edits, but it may not be the traditional editor that we all know, however, it will allow us to do video editing projects that were previously unthinkable to run on the iPad.

DaVinci Resolve

Another important feature of this editor for iPad is that the projects are going to be compatible with DaVinci Resolve 18In addition, you can also make use of collaborative mode between a computer and the iPad via Blackmagic Cloud. Da VinciResolve isn’t all good on the new iPads, as the Fairlight and Fusion options aren’t available out of the box on this first version of the iPad, and will take several months to arrive.

Is Final Cut Pro X coming to iPad?

Although the new iPad supports Da VinciResolve, it does not support Apple’s native editor Final Cut Pro X, which is a essential tool for many professional content creators and video editors who use the Mac on a daily basis.

iPad Air + iPhone

Unfortunately, in this new generation of iPad, los from Cupertino are not going to adapt the macOS app to iPadOS, so many users will have to continue using the Luma fusion app and the new acquisition such as Da Vinci Resolve. It is not known if in the future Apple will include its native text editor on iPad, but what is certain is that with the arrival of Da VinciResolve, andWe are one step closer to making the dream of many video editors come true.

Let us know in the comments if you think Da VinciResolve will make many users abandon Macs for good.