The big mistakes of the new Pixels 8 and what benefit Apple

By name, brand and weight in the industry

Google is one of the great technological giants in the world, a technological giant that is increasingly gaining weight in the world of telephony. Now, by name, by brand and by industry weight, I consider that the Pro models should have started from the 256 GB and not the 128 GB offered in the eighth generation.

You can say a lot that the iPhone is just as catchy and it is true, but Google does not have to look like Apple, but rather it has to follow its own path and offer better specifications than Samsung, to then get closer to or surpass Apple. Currently, I believe that no manufacturer, including Apple, has a 256 GB based model and that is why it is so squeaky that one of the sector’s great promises has not done so.

We also have to highlight the type of memory of these smartphones, that is, they have a UFS 3.1 and not 4.0 as most manufacturers on the market such as Oppo, Huawei, Motorola and Xiaomi have. Are you going to notice much difference? Well no, but with the price increase they have had, it is normal that we demand more from Google.

Why is it so difficult to buy this Google Pixel?

It is true that in Spain we can buy the Google Pixel Pro, but in other Latin American countries the Google Pixel is not there and is not even expected when it is a market that, although it does not have the largest purchasing power in the world, the majority are present. of the world’s manufacturers, causing Google to lose market share. The truth is that I don’t know very well what Google’s strategy is for this, but it is strange not to find countries like Brazil or Mexico.

Now, we have mentioned that it is available in Spain; However, do not think that it will be easy to find, since, if you want to acquire this new Google Pixel, you will have to specifically go for it and you will not find it or the differences in operators or shopping centers will highlight it too much. That is one of Google’s big problems and I would say that it is the main reason for not seeing it on the street much more.

Union of hardware and software

Many users assume that the Google Pixel is the perfect union between hardware and software and has a development process similar to what Apple does, but that is not the case at all. In fact, it is quite the opposite, if not they have a completely different development process from what Apple does.

Within this, we have to highlight the processor, which is a processor that I don’t really know why it doesn’t have spectacular performance in video games, but it is true that this processor is designed to enhance the software and take it to a higher level and that almost no Android device that almost no one can equalize. It is true that it does not have the performance of Apple’s Snapdragon or Bionic, but we are looking at a magnificent processor.

Perhaps the problem is that when this generation is presented, they tend to tiptoe very far with respect to the CPU and GPUfocusing a lot on software and of course, people realize and reflect on it.