The big question from users after Apple’s announcement

Last Tuesday Apple had a very busy afternoon announcing one of the great novelties of the iPad in recent years. Well, the news that Final Cut Pro is going to reach these devices has caused a great question and a great doubt in many users, to which Apple has not yet responded. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The news of the week and surely of the moment is the arrival of two of Apple’s applications dedicated to the professional world to the iPadthese are Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro, and of course it is really striking that the Cupertino company has decided to announce this through a press release, especially considering that WWDC is held in less than 1 month. Although, well, perhaps one of the reasons for this decision is that they wanted to launch both apps before the developers’ conference itself. In fact, all users who have an iPad with an M1 processor or higher can use both apps from May 23.

How much do you have to pay for these applications and how do you have to make the payments?

Now, the news has not only been the arrival of Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro to the iPad, but also in the way in which they arrive. As you well know, both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are two applications from Apple itself that until now were only present in macOS. All those users who intended to use Final Cut Pro had to pay 349 euros after a 30-day trial period, in the case of Logic Pro the price drops to 229 euros.

In other words, the model that Apple had up to now with these applications was a single payment, the user paid once the price indicated by Apple and never had to go through the box again. This, at least on the iPad, has changed, since now Apple has moved to the subscription model, making all those users who want to use these apps on their iPad have to pay a monthly fee. In the case of both Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro the price is $4.99 per month or $49.99 per yearsomething curious also when in macOS there is quite a difference with the price.

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However, the question that many users ask is what will happen with Mac applications. As we said, up to now Apple only allows users to use these applications on their computers upon payment of the amounts that we have specified above, the The question is whether when Apple finally launches the iPadOS versions in just two weeks, if it will also change the model for its computers, or on the contrary, it will maintain the one-time payment versions for macOS and the subscription iPadOS versions. Therefore, We will have to wait for any possible movement from Apple to find out if there is finally any change in the way of acquiring the Mac versions or, on the contrary, if everything remains the same as before.