The biggest change in history in the Apple Watch is on the way

WWDC 2023 is getting closer every day and as a consequence more and more rumors are coming to light about what Apple could show the world at this Developers Conference. The last thing that has been known about it has to do with the Apple Watch, or rather, with watchOS, and the truth is that it leaves all users with hype through the roof. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

One of the most reputable Apple analysts is, without a doubt, mark gurman, since it always has information, we could say privileged, and above all, that in most cases it ends up materializing in reality. Therefore, whenever Gurman opens his mouth to illuminate the future of Apple, you have to be very attentive, and this time he has done it, to leave all Apple Watch users really intrigued.

The biggest watchOS update ever

The Apple Watch needs movement, and that is what Apple seems to have understood in recent years, seeing that users demanded many more changes to their watch, either in the form of software or also through the launch of a new redesigned version. It seems that the latter will not arrive, at least this year, but what does seem to be happening is that watchOS is going to change completely.

Mark Gurman himself has confirmed it in Bloombergand the truth is that he has not done it in any way, since he has stated that watchOS 10 will be the biggest update to the Apple Watch since the official launch of this device. Without a doubt, these are words that augur great joy for all users who have an Apple Watch and, above all, they will also encourage many others to give a truly wonderful team a try.

apple watch ultra box

The bad part of the news is that Gurman has not really revealed what those changes are going to be that Apple is going to introduce to redesign on such a large scale an operating system that, really, over the years has received few changes. One of the small news that is known is that the Apple watch interface is going to be different, something that was also foreseeable at the time when a big change was announced within watchOS.

As we said before, Apple Watch users are seeing in recent years how there is hardly any news within this device, except for the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, and Apple, given the impossibility of launching a completely renewed productwhich was the biggest demand from users, has chosen to introduce all those new features that people crave, through software, through watchOS 10. Without a doubt, this is great news, since users are going to have there a great incentive, however, the most coherent thing is to keep your feet on the ground, since first, it will be necessary to know at WWDC what these great novelties really are, and second, to check which Apple Watch models all the ones that announce arrive at Manzana.