The cameras of your iPhone will be more protected from now on

The iPhone cameras are some of the best on the market. And also, they are very big. In fact, more and more are. Although this means an increase in the quality of all the components, it adds an increasing risk of breakage, since they occupy much more surface area. And despite the fact that they are made of very resistant glass, from now they will be more protected thanks to some accessories that we are going to show you.

If you protect your screen, protect your camera too

Protecting the iPhone screen is a habit that we have all normalized. The high cost of repair, added to the fact that the device can cause many problems in the long run, have been two key factors for taking better care of our devices. However, just as we also protect the back and edges with covers, cameras They are the great forgotten.

Depending on the iPhone, we can have up to three lenses to protect. Not to mention the glass box that surrounds them. A bad blow, if we have the cameras properly protected, can break the glass of the lenses. And it is something that, at first glance, does not seem like it will cause many problems. However, your iPhone can be exposed to many risks:

  • By having the unprotected sensorsdust or moisture can enter and affect the image quality and the internal components of the sensors.
  • If your iPhone is waterproof, despite IP certifications, with the broken cameras, your iPhone is completely unprotected. Since the water will enter the lens, and it will affect all the components, not only the camera.

Your bill can be very high because of a broken lens

It’s important to remember that even though the latest iPhones have IP67 and IP68 certifications, Apple doesn’t cover water damage. Therefore, if our device has broken cameras and, in addition, is damaged by liquid, the bill can be very high. So much so that we may even have to buy a new phone.

That is why we leave you a list with glass protectors for iPhone cameras. These they work the same way than screen protectors: the surface of the camera lens must first be thoroughly cleaned and dried, to avoid embedded dust specks and air bubbles. Afterwards, the protector seals are removed and, exerting gentle pressure, we place them on the lenses, so that they are protected.

Although not all iPhone models have these accessories, below, we leave you a list with protectors, from the iPhone X model to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In this way, you will not only extend the useful life of your device, but you will also have an extra guarantee of protection against unfortunate bumps or falls.

iphone camera lens protector

The best camera protectors for your iPhone

Below is a list of the best protectors for your camera lenses that also protect the glass island, in those models that have them. iPhone models that have camera protectors range from the iPhone X (and all its variants) to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Six generations of iPhone, with cameras of all kinds, that you can protect easily and safely.