The cheap Apple Watch, now cheaper than ever

Apple has a wide catalog of products, however not all of them have the quality/price ratio enjoyed by the Apple Watch SE, one of the most balanced devices they have created since Cupertino. Well, now in MediaMarkt it has a good offer that makes it a real candy for this Christmas.

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One of the main reasons why the Apple Watch SE has been able to seduce so many users is because of its price. Its about cheapest model that Apple sells within your store, both online and physical. Also, if you add to that that it does not lose as many functions compared to its older brothers, it just so happens that it becomes the preferred choice of many users.

Its price starts, in the Apple Store, from 299 euros for the 40mm GPS model and 339 euros in the case of the 44mm model. Of course, these are very competitive and seductive prices for all those who want to have an Apple Watch on their wrist. Well, now at MediaMarkt you can find them even cheaper. Below we leave you the prices of both models, which are available in different colors.

  • Apple Watch SE 2022 GPS 40 mm: 289 euros.
  • Apple Watch SE 2022 GPS 44 mm: 319 euros.

Is it the best Apple Watch you can buy?

This is the question that many users ask themselves before deciding whether or not to buy this Apple Watch model. Well, of course, taking into account that it is the most economical and basic version, if we put the specifications of both the SE and the Series 8 and Ultra on the table, this is not the best Apple Watch, of course. done, it’s the worst. However, from La Manzana Mordida we advocate the fact that it really the best product for a user is not necessarily the most expensivethe newest, or the one with the best specifications, but the one that offers the best quality/price ratio to the useralways being able to satisfy all your needs.

Taking the latter into account, the Apple Watch SE is surely the best watch that the vast majority of users can buy. The reason for this statement is based on what it will allow you to do, which are practically the same functions as its older brothers. With Apple Watch SE you can wear a monitor your heart rateas well as it has the fall detection, a function that has been able to save many lives today. At the level of physical activity tracking it will be able to count the steps you take daily, measure your workouts as well as estimate the calories you expend at each moment. Of course, it will allow you to manage all the notifications that appear on your iPhone and answer incoming calls on it.

Also, of course, it does not have some of the top features that the Apple Watch Series 8 or Apple Watch Ultra do offer, but you also have to take into account that the price it costs is well below what you would have to pay if you want any of these two models named above.