The cheap iPad, now cheaper with this offer

Apple has a wide variety of iPads in its catalogue, but without a doubt, one of the ones that has caused the most stir due to its launch is this 10th generation iPad. Well, right now you can buy it at a really interesting discount thanks to Amazon, so in this post we are going to tell you if it is really worth it.

discounts available

It is not common to be able to enjoy a discount on the latest Apple products, so of course, for all those who were thinking of buying this iPad, having this offer is undoubtedly very good news. A few lines below we will comment on whether it is really worth it, but for now, we will leave you the discounts below.

  • iPad 10th generation, Wifi version
    • 64GB storage
      • Blue color: 29 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 30 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 29 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: not available.
    • 256GB storage
      • Blue color: 50 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 52 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 39 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: 77 euros discount.

  • iPad 10th generation, Wifi + Cellular version
    • 64GB storage
      • Blue color: 50 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 50 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 44 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: 50 euros discount.
    • 256GB storage
      • Blue color: 228 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 60 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 84 euros discount.
      • Yellow color: 84 euros discount.

Is this iPad really worth it?

The launch of this iPad by Apple raised a lot of criticism at the time towards the Cupertino company, all caused by the price of this device, since in the end, what Apple has done is increase what users have to pay to acquire the most basic iPad of allAlthough yes, the 9th generation iPad is still present in the Apple Store.

iPad 10 and keyboard

Now, in the same way that Apple has increased the price has also increased benefits What does this team have compared to its predecessor? First adopts the design of other iPad models, a really attractive all-screen that causes its size to be larger, reaching 6.9 inches. Also includes the USB-C port, which is essential to be able to connect other accessories and gadgets to this equipment that allow you to get much more out of it. And lastly, the compatibility with the Magic Keyboard Folioa unique keyboard that is very close to the experience users have with an iPad Pro or iPad Air.

Now, it is true that in price it is quite close to the iPad Aira more powerful team that offers better features, but of course, for all those who want to have a good iPad and want to spend as little money as possible, this 10th generation iPad is ideal for them.

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