The cheapest Apple Music option that you probably didn’t know about

Apple Music has been a resounding success for the Cupertino company, in fact since its inception it has done nothing more than cut distances from the giant in the sector, Spotify, reaching the point of being able to compare both platforms face to face. However, many users are unaware of one of the plans that Apple Music has and that, in addition, it is the cheapest of all. Keep reading that we will tell you.

Apple’s music service is a true wonder, so much so that every day it has more users behind it, and beware, it’s not only those who have brand devices on a daily basis, but there are also many those who have an Android smartphone or a Windows computer, but are Apple Music subscribers.

This is the result of a fantastic job by the Cupertino company, which has been able to give users what they were looking for, also for a fairly adequate price. So much so, that the competition, Spotify, was forced to considerably lower the price of the family subscription because what Apple offered with theirs caused a large migration of users from one service to another.

If we talk about Apple Music plans, surely the best known by users are the family plan and the individual plan, however, surely to the surprise of many users, there is a third option to contract Apple Music and that, in addition, is curiously the cheapest of all. Below we leave you the different options that exist and their prices.

  • Apple Music Voice: 4.99 euros/month.
  • Apple Music Student: 5.99 euros/month.
  • Apple Music Individual: 10.99 euros/month.
  • Apple Music Family: 16.99 euros/month.

Apple Music Voice, the cheapest plan for Apple’s music service

As you have been able to verify, the cheapest plan there is to be able to hire and enjoy the Apple music service is Voicebut be careful, before going for it you have to know what its conditions are and, really, for which users it is intended, since it is surely not what you are thinking it is.

HomePod mini

The Apple Music Voice plan andIt is intended for those users who have a HomePod Mainly, since you can only use this service through the different Siri commands, that is, you will not be able to enter the iPhone and put the song you want manually, you will have to ask Siri for everything, although yes, although it is intended for the HomePod, can be used on other devicesyou just have to use Siri for it. For 4.99 euros Apple gives you access to the entire catalog of songs that is within the service, as well as the different playlists that are created, in addition to also having Apple Music Radio, however, the user of Apple Music Voice you will not be able to create your personal playlists.

Definitely It is a very economical plan, but also quite limited in terms of what is usual to do within a music service. However, for those users who only want to use Apple Music through the HomePods, it is ideal, since they will not have to spend a greater amount of money and, really, it is for what Apple launched this very cheap plan.