The cheapest Apple Watch lowers its price for a limited time

One of the moves that Apple has made in recent years that has certainly brought its products closer to many more users is the fact of launching products with lower specifications at a lower price. One of these products is the Apple Watch SE, one of the most recommended products for the vast majority of users that, on top of that, now has a great discount. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

discounts available

It cannot be denied that Apple products have a high price, which does not mean that they are not worth their money. However, as we mentioned previously, one of the movements that the company has made to bringing your products closer to more users is to launch equipment with lower specifications at a lower price. An example of this is the iPhone SE and, of course, also the Apple Watch SE, which was renewed last September.

Later we will talk about the benefits of this product, but from the beginning you have to know that it is one of the products with the best quality/price ratio that you can find in the Apple Store, if on top of that, add to this the discount it has now at MediaMarkt, it becomes a really interesting buying opportunity. We leave you below the discounts available.

Is the Apple Watch SE worth it?

As we told you before, the greatest attraction of this product is that it has all the essence of the usual Apple Watch but at a lower price than usual, always comparing it with the current model, that is, the Series 8. Obviously, for In order to lower the price, Apple has had to cut back on specifications, and for that has focused on health sensors and display.

Apple Watch Series 3Apple Watch Series 3It does not have a blood oxygen sensor or a body temperature sensordoes not enjoy the screen always on, but on the other hand, it will allow you to use the essential functions of the device, which is the monitoring of daily physical activity and the management of each and every one of the notifications that reach your iPhone. That being said, it’s honestly about the Apple Watch ideal for the vast majority of users that what they really want is just that, to be able to have control of their workouts and the daily activity they carry out, with all that the Apple Watch provides at the level of motivation and monitoring, and also to be able to answer different notifications from the watch itself, since be calls, messages, WhatsApp or similar. In addition, we also consider that it is the ideal device for all those who want to have a first experience with the Apple Watch without having to invest a large amount of money.

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