The cheapest cheap iPad ever for Black Friday

A few weeks ago Apple presented the 10th generation iPad, that is, just the one that comes to replace the 9th generation iPad. However, that does not mean that the latter is no longer worth it, on the contrary, with the huge discount it has at MediaMarkt thanks to Black Friday, this iPad makes more sense than ever. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

The Media Markt offer

By putting the 9th generation iPad face to face with the new 10th generation iPad, it is evident that at the level of benefits the new launch of the Cupertino company wins, how could it be otherwise. However, the increase it has had in the price means that they are now many more users who consider this 9th generation iPad. If you add to that the discount that we are going to tell you about below, it becomes a buying opportunity that you have to take advantage of yes or yes.

The 9th generation iPad is the cheapest model you can find in the Apple Store, since although the 10th generation is also already present, those from Cupertino have decided to keep it in their catalog, obviously because they know that it is still a great device , among other things because of the attractive price of 429 euros. Well, now thanks to the pre-Black Friday deals from MediaMarkt you can buy it for 368 euroswhich is a considerable discount for all those who were thinking of acquiring it.

Is the 9th generation iPad worth it?

Taking into account the wide range of options that Apple offers when purchasing an iPad, and taking into account that this It is the most economical model and the lowest in benefits, many users wonder if it is really an iPad worth buying. Well, the answer is clear and forceful, of course it is. But beware, everything will depend on the needs that each user has and the tasks they want to perform with this device.

iPad and Apple Pencil

It is clear that it is the most basic iPad of all, now also the cheapest, and it is that for its price there are few things that can be blamed on this team. It has enough power to be able to carry out the typical actions of browsing the Internet, consuming multimedia content or working with office applications.

Also has compatibility with the 1st generation Apple PencilSo all those who want to have an iPad to go to class or take notes in meetings, if they don’t want to invest a lot of money, this is the best option for them. And if we talk about accessories you also have to keep in mind their compatibility with the Apple Smart Keyboardthat if you add an external mouse or trackpad to it, you can turn it into your laptop without any problem.

iPad and Smart Keyboard

In short, if what you are looking for is a very cheap iPad and one that is capable of giving you the possibility of doing the simplest and most basic tasks that can be done with an iPad, without a doubt you have to take advantage of this offer, since it is well below the price at which you can buy it at Apple. Of course, this discount is not eternal, so take advantage while you can.