The consequences of the new Apple product

Macs are more alive and accessible than ever thanks to Silicon processors. Apple has hit the table by redesigning the interior and exterior of the vast majority of its equipment. But there is a product that, if released, could bring (very good) consequences in many aspects. In this post we explain what it consists of and everything that could entail.

A new MacBook Air more Pro than ever

There was a time when the line between the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air was very blurred, when both models featured Apple’s M1 processor. However, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro they find their respective segments again. But beyond the connections and the processor, there is the size and, with this last factor, a gap that Apple can fill.

The 9to5Mac portal reported the possible arrival of an unprecedented size for the MacBook Air. Historically, this range of laptops had two screen sizes: 11 and 13 inches. As of today, we only have the largest model. And for their part, MacBook Pros have gone from being 13 and 15 inches to being 14 and 16 inches. “People may want a large screen without much force processing”, they comment.

Until now, if you wanted a larger screen size on a MacBook, yes or yes, you had to go for the models of the Pro range. And those people “were forced to pay a Substantial price difference to have a bigger screen when they didn’t need higher specifications”, they explain in 9to5Mac, to highlight the situation of many people who, without needing power, but a screen, ended up spending much more money, just to have more screen.

many potential applications

“There are countless possibilities, including vision problems among the elderly and a more immersive experience when watching videos.” “A student could have a web open while writing an article. A writer can have his notes open while he writes”. 9to5Mac reflects on the different situations why a 15” MacBook Air could have real applications, from day to day, and that in turn, are not demanding tasks such as video, audio or image editing. As it happens in the MacBook Pro, and therefore the screen sizes are larger.

This move by Apple would not be surprising. A very important market niche would be covered which is being neglected at the moment. And with the advent of Apple Silicon, it makes more sense than ever. In the same way that M chips are being segmented for very specific purposes, having hardware consistent with that processing segmentation is not a bad idea.

Also, this can be a sales boost in other models of the Mac range. “Apple creates the potential for two additional sales levels. Someone planning to buy the 13-inch Air may decide to go straight for the 15-inch. And if someone wants to go for the 15-inch, they may be tempted to go straight for a MacBook Pro.