If you haven’t had an Apple device for a long time, everything you discovered the first time is the most common for you. iOS and iPadOS have undergone many years of evolution to get to where they are. For example, him Control center that we display on our devices from the top right of the screen came to iOS in 2013 with iOS 7. Ten years later, this tool is still just as accessible and with few changes compared to the first version. However, everything could change with the arrival of iOS 17 because the control center is likely to undergo big changes.

A big change in iOS 17 could be the Control Center

The Control Center is a user accessible tool that allows you to control and trigger various actions with just a couple of taps on the screen. In addition, it is a customizable system to which different functions can be added to be able to configure it to suit the user. as we said, Control Center first appeared in iOS 7 ten years ago and maybe it will change with iOS 17.

iOS 17

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Three novelties that we will see in iOS 17

A new rumor obtained from the MacRumors forums ensures that iOS 17 will introduce big changes to the Control Center. This user is known for introducing the Dynamic Island of the iPhone 14 Pro last year, months before its official presentation, so he has a corroborated history of “hits” in these forums. But does not provide much more information about the change, only that the Control Center will be modified.

Faced with this situation, we can only wait and take a look at the iOS concepts that show new features in the Control Center. Not for nothing, but to imagine how it could change in a way that could be more useful to the user. For example, this concept of iOS 16 (which is one year old) included a reform that we did not see but that aimed at widgets included within the Control Center and resizable elements.