The coolest features of iOS 16.4

We have already given the release of iOS 16.4 some time and we have been testing it in depth to bring you the most amazing news, but not those that everyone is talking about and that we can tell you about in less than a minute, but all those that have gone unnoticed by most but that are equally or more useful than the others.

For all this, Discover with us these many features that have been integrated with iOS 16.4 and that will make your life much easier. Only in this way will you be able to get the most out of your iPhone or iPad, allowing you to enjoy all its performance.

Throughout this post (and the video that accompanies it) we are going to emphasize both the functions that have already been communicated previously, as well as all those that we have found extremely interesting and that apparently are somewhat more hidden than usual. the usual.

New architecture in the HomeKit and House

The first thing to keep in mind is that to enjoy the new HomeKit architecture and the Home application, you must update the accessories center. If you have an Apple TV, you will have to launch the update before following the steps from your iPhone or iPad .

It is designed to improve the performance of home automation in your home, but It was unsuccessfully launched with iOS 16.2 and was suspended until the official arrival of iOS 16.4. Now the time has come to upgrade. At a technical and visual level we are not going to find many differences, beyond the more optimized operation that is presumed.

21 new Emojis

The list of Emojis has also been updated, among other things we will be able to see a surprised face with movement or a maple. The reality is that the quantity and volume of Emojis makes it increasingly difficult to use them, since hardly anyone remembers which one they were looking for.

New shortcuts for external browsers

As we well know, we can add a website to our iPhone desktop simply by pressing the “share” button from Safari. However, this functionality was restricted to the native iOS browser. Now with the arrival of iOS 16.4 we will be able to select other browsers to add and directly open shortcuts to certain web pages.

New animations in the Books app

The iOS and iPadOS reading application made the fantastic animation that showed the page turn disappear in one fell swoop. Something that long ago was a hallmark of the company, has come back to stay in a more extensive way.

We will be able to use an animation selector integrated in the Books application that allows us to choose between: Ripple, Slide or without any type of animation.

Remove and merge duplicates in shared albums

This is one of the most applauded features of iOS 16, allowing the Photos app to automatically identify and merge duplicate photos. However, this functionality was restricted to internal albums only, it didn’t work on those that were synced via iCloud. Now the duplicate photo search system will also show us those from shared albums.

Voice isolation in calls over the telephone network

We already know that the iPhone has a noise cancellation system for calls, yes, that is the function of the small hole next to the cameras. Well, this function that was limited only to calls made through a VoIP network.

Now it can also be used with calls over the traditional mobile data network.

Number formats

Now in the section of settings for language and region we will be able to select the numerical format that we want. We already know that both in the United States of America and in most of Europe, a different use is made of points and commas. to point to numeric values, so now their expression will not be chained to the selected region.

Dim the flashing lights

For those users who may appear to have health issues from constant flashing images, a new accessibility feature has been added that will dim the flashing lights detected by the display. However, you should know that at the moment all the iPhone does is fade the flashing light source to black.

Turn off the phone through Siri

Turning off our iPhone is sometimes a real nightmare, what’s more, you will be able to verify that there are numerous videos of how it is done. Do not worry now Siri has gotten smarter and simply saying, “Hey Siri, turn off iPhone” will turn it off, Fast and easy.

Silence calls from unknown numbers

Shortcuts has grown with iOS 16.4, and now it has integrated a new functionality. If we go to Shortcuts and create a new one, in the search engine we can select the new function that allows us to silence unknown numbers. Thus, We will be silently notified every time we receive a call from an unknown number, goodbye to SPAM.

Podcast improvements

The Podcast application will now allow us to easily access the programs that we follow with its redesign. It will resume playing episodes and remove those we don’t want to hear, as well as its new integration with CarPlay activates a function to pick up what we were listening to from where we left off, as well as a function to search for new content from the car.

Optimizations and fixes

  • Matter-enabled thermostats now appear in the Home app
  • Accident detection has been optimized to avoid false alarms
  • Improved Apple Pencil compatibility issues when writing in the Notes app on iOS and iPadOS

These are the best features that we have been able to find during our in-depth use of iOS 16.4, which was released a week ago and has already been preceded by the first beta of iOS 16.5. Be that as it may, if you know more news, Let us know in the comment box so we can share them with our entire community.