The course of Twitter changes again: now it is hiring

Since Elon Musk took to Twitter, the company with the little blue bird is making news every other day. Layoffs, new features, other failed features, scandals… but it seems that there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel and it is not all bad news for the tycoon’s new company. Twitter begins to hire and does so in very different sections from those that it had focused on to date.

The recent layoffs and all the resignations after Musk’s claims of hard work hours have left Twitter with a very small number of workers (less than 1000 and taking “very small” with caution, of course). Twitter has reduced its staff by two thirds compared to what it was before the arrival of the tycoon. It seems that the guidelines from the top did not quite fit everyone and this has been reflected in the number of employees.

Just a new hire (although it has been for only 12 weeks) has had Twitter: hacker George Hotz (Geohot). Elon was always a big fan of Geohot in the past and, according to The Verge, this collaboration agreement has already been confirmed where his work will focus on the poor search engine that Twitter currently has.

But this hiring is not expected alone since Musk in a meeting with all Twitter staff discussed the company’s intentions as The Verge has learned: the company has ended layoffs and is actively recruiting for engineering and sales positions and that employees are encouraged to make referrals.

On the other hand, it seems that Twitter (or Elon Musk) has plans to integrate voice and video chat into the app itself. Something that would be accompanied by the already launched rumor that the direct messages will be encrypted end-to-end according to Musk’s intentions. The Verge not only reports on this but also mentions the following obtained from a recording of an internal meeting:

Framed in presentation slides titled “Twitter 2.0” at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters on Monday, Musk told employees the company would encrypt DMs and work to add encrypted video and voice calls between accounts.

They are also working (and very hard) in San Francisco to correct one of the most notorious failures of the Musk era: Twitter Blue. The payment verification check has led to many identity thefts of people and companies, having real and fatal consequences for businesses and those impersonated.

The functionality, which was withdrawn shortly after launching it and introducing another gray verification check with the text “Official”, It will be released again on November 29. as The Verge has also learned. We do not know many more details about how this functionality will be implemented, what we do know is that it will come with fixes so that phishing is no longer a problem on the social network. This, and according to rumors, could be obtained by verifying the cards used to pay the $8 service, but no one says that a service like Revolut cannot be used to use digital or “imprinted” cards that make that much more difficult. traceability or verification by Twitter.

While the earthquake on Twitter is unleashed, Users are demanding alternatives to the bird’s own social network. Not only personalities from the Apple world like Phil Schiller have deleted their account, there are many others who are also considering other alternatives. Until now, Mastodon has turned out to be the most popular of them. Since fake accounts are especially problematic for journalists, The New York Times reports that on Mastodon hopes to become a reliable alternative. TechCrunch, for its part, reports that Tumblr is also adding support for ActivityPub, another platform powered by Mastodon.