The date you can install iOS 17

Apple news is on fire and one of the main protagonists is iOS, both because of the number of iOS 16 updates that are coming out these days and because of everything Apple has prepared with iOS 17. For this reason, and given the expectation that is generating the next iPhone operating system in this post we are going to tell you when and how you will be able to install it on your iPhone.

In just a few weeks, Apple has the responsibility of telling users what is to come in the new operating systems for different devices, including iOS 17 for iPhones that are compatible. Predictably it will be a version that will have very striking new features and, above all, attractive to the vast majority of the public, so it will surely arouse the desire to try it in many people, for this reason we will tell you below the two ways through which you will enjoy it.

Try iOS 17 betas

We started talking about the fastest way to install iOS 17 on your iPhone, and it’s through beta. Apple, as soon as WWDC is over, will release the betas of the different operating systems, which can be accessed by all those who are registered within the company’s beta program. However, you can also choose to try the public betaswhich are much more accessible to the public.

However, installing a beta version of an operating system has many risks, since in the end you have to take into account that it is a test version, so the most normal thing is that there are bugs to correct. Therefore, from La Manzana Mordida we do not recommend installing the beta on any device that you have for main use, however, if you have an iPhone at home that you do not use and that is also compatible, then you can install this version.

iPhone 14 screen

When will Apple officially release iOS 17?

The other way to enjoy iOS 17 is installing the official version, that is, the most normal way to do it. The problem with this route lies in the time that users will have to wait from when Apple presents the operating system, which will be on June 5, until Apple officially launches it, which will be on the month of Septemberobviously coinciding with the launch of the new iPhone.

Without a doubt this is the option for which we bet from La Manzana Mordida, since in the end it is the safest way to be able to enjoy all the new functions that will arrive without running any type of really unnecessary risk. Of course, when updating devices, our recommendation is also to do it from scratch, that is, to restore the equipment and so that the installation is as clean as possible, without dragging any type of information or content from iOS 16. This above all It is especially important on devices that are not very recent, that is, from the iPhone 13 backwards, even so, we repeat, the best thing is that the installation of iOS 17 is as clean as possible on all devices.