The definitive monitor to play with your Apple computer

The arrival of the new Apple processors was a turning point when it came to understanding ourselves and working with the Mac. As a result of them, it is now much easier to be able to play with MacBooks and therefore, in this post we are going to analyze a Very interesting monitor to connect to any Apple device.

The new horizon of the Mac and Apple Silicon

Apple doesn’t specifically sell a monitor designed for this market segment, especially since this monitor covers much more than a gamer audience, since it can be used by video editors or 3D designers who want to have all the information they use every day on a single screen. For this type of public, we present one of the best monitors on the market, the samsung odyssey g9, a very interesting monitor for the users described above.

Features of the Samsung Odyssey G9

If you are a gamer user, you are surely looking for a team that meets a series of characteristics that prevents you from taking full advantage to the way you play and the experience that the game itself gives you, Samsung’s widescreen monitor is a great alternative. In this sense, the Samsung Odyssey G9 offers the main tools that every gamer is looking for: fast response, large screen, color contrast and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. In addition, it has a curved screen of 49-inch ultra-wide, which is equivalent to two screens, so more demanding users will have a monitor that allows them to control everything that happens on the game stage.


With respect to ports of entry, It is a device that has a DisplayPort cable prepared to support high resolutions, a USB 3.0 cable for the Hub and all the necessary elements to mount the monitor or the VESA adapter. With respect to Construction materials, The design of the base is triangular, in order to achieve a greater grip on the device. In addition, the entire structure of the monitor is made of plastic, but the Korean company has maintained a high quality level in all bodies. Now the thickness is an aspect to take into accountwith a thickness of 4-5 centimeters in the central part, to avoid that the power supply is outside the monitor.


Now, well, the monitor also has some drawbacks. One of the most striking is its huge weight, since, only the monitor, has a weight of 14 kilos that reaches 16.7 kg if we count the base. Therefore, it is advisable to assemble the equipment with two people and if you do it alone, be very careful to avoid bumps.

Is it the best for gaming on Mac?

The Samsung Odyssey G9 monitor is a device that It is not intended for all audiences, since it does not have the best visual design on the market. However, the user looking for this device focuses on a high performance monitor at all levels, with a panoramic screen to play and work without space and vision problems.


He price of 1999.99 euros and the weight, There are two sections to take into account, but it is a professional monitor, so users will not have problems paying for it if it is equipment that meets their needs and above all, you will not have any problem when connect your Mac to this great monitor.

Samsung LC49G93TSSUXEN Odyssey G9 49” Curved Monitor DQHD (5120 x 1440p, 1ms, 240Hz, GSync, FreeSync Premium Pro, LED, HDR1000, 32:9, 420cd/m², 1000R, HDMI, PBP, PIP) White


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