The definitive solution to take care of the battery of your Mac

One of the biggest concerns that users of an Apple computer have is taking care of their battery, so in this post we want to tell you what you have to do to keep the health of your Mac’s battery in the best possible state. and, in addition, the tool with which you will be able to achieve it very easily. Keep reading that we tell you.

One of the many reasons Why users decide to buy an Apple computer instead of another manufacturer is because of the battery life that these computers have. But be careful, we are not only talking about granting a great autonomy for daily usebut with the passage of time the degradation of these is much less than what happens with alternatives from other brands.

However, in the end when the MacBook Pro or MacBook Air is used, over time it is irremediable that the battery ends up degrading, since in the end it is something that has to happen yes or yes. However, there are ways through which users can cause this degradation to take much longer to arrive, and that is exactly what we want to talk about.

What should be done to take care of the Mac battery?

The issue of batteries has always been one of the most controversial and on which a lot of research has been done, and the reality is that in the end, it is something that users have to take into account to a certain extent, since sometimes it is it gives too much importance, even the fact that taking care of the equipment’s battery ends up conditioning the use of the device itself. However, neither too much nor too little, since if attention is paid to its care, in the end the device will last more years in good condition.

The ideal for this equipment is that the battery is not always at 100%At the same time, if it is connected to the current, it will not spend battery cycles either, which is one of the main factors that degrade it. Therefore, ideally, if you are going to have your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro connected to the current permanently or for long days, it takes the energy from the current but without the battery percentage exceeds 70% or 80%.

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Obviously this is something natively it cannot be donebut fortunately there are applications that do allow you to do it, such as AlDente. This app is part of the Setapp suite of apps, although you also have it available on its website. It is, as we have mentioned, one of the best tools you can find to have full control of the battery of your Mac, since with it you can achieve exactly what we have mentioned before, make your computer charge up to a certain percentage of battery and, from there, all the energy is taken directly from the current, but with the advantage that it does not reach 100%, causing it not to suffer as much stress. Without a doubt, it is the best way to take care of and have control of the battery of your Apple laptop.