Siri is Apple’s virtual assistant and has been with us for twelve years. The evolution of the assistant has been gradual and there is still work to be done, especially taking into account the arrival of artificial intelligence as well as the growth of other virtual assistants. However, with every major update Apple always delights us with some new feature or change to Siri. A new rumor suggests that is Apple is likely testing a new Siri interface on new iPhones with Dynamic Island and could be seen in iOS 17.

Are there changes to the Siri interface on the new iPhone with Dynamic Island?

The Dynamic Island or Dynamic Island is a design that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max have. Is about the evolution of the well-known notch of the iPhone that has gone from being a notch to being a kind of ‘pill’. In iOS 16, the Dynamic Island has not been played with much at the design level. Only the developers have been able to play a bit with its design and Apple has tested Live Activities by integrating them into this new interface.

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However, a Twitter user has commented that Apple could be testing an alternative interface for iPhones with Dynamic Island which would allow Siri to be moved to the top of the screen. Let’s remember that when we deploy Siri, its logo always appears in the lower central part of the screen and, later, the requested information appears interchangeably at the top and bottom of the screen. This new design would replace the current one and this Dynamic Island would play a key role.

There are no concepts yet showing what this interface change could look like, but I can think of removing the Siri logo-shaped ball to make way for a wave or halo with Siri colors and gradients to appear around it. to Dynamic Island. It must also be taken into account that Apple is also testing new ways to display and interact with notifications with the iPhone 14 Pro. which are the ones with the Dynamic Island. We will see how everything happens and we will see if the big apple finally opts for this new interface.