The differences between the 1st and 2nd generation HomePods

Apple, against all odds, introduced the new second-generation HomePod, maintaining the same price as the previous generation and reaping poor sales results. In this post we are going to see the main differences between the first and second generation HomePod and we will analyze whether or not it is worth acquiring this new audio device from Apple.

Small redesign and new features

Next we will see what are the main differences between the first and second generation HomePod, where the differences are small, but existent.

  • Design: From one point of view, at first glance, it seems that there is no difference between generations, since the construction of materials is the same. However, the upper screen has taken a leap forward, since it is now completely touch screen. Colors fill the entire screen.
  • Less speakers: The new HomePod has fewer speakers than the first generation, now having 5 treble and one bass. The microphones are also reduced from 6 to 4 speakers.

  • New chip: The Apple Watch has the S7 chip, the same chip that the seventh generation Apple Watch has, so it has one of the best-performing chips on the market. As a result of its great processor, the new HomePod acquires great importance for issues of temperature and humidity control.
  • Maintains the musical quality of the previous generation:Apple’s smart speaker is characterized by having one of the best sound qualities on the market. Plus, pairing two HomePods with Apple TV makes for an amazing user experience. The big problem of this new generation is the synchronization of both HomePods, which, the stereo format can only be done between devices of the same generation, that is, you cannot synchronize the first and second generation HomePods.
  • Bluetooth 5.0: The new HomePod incorporates the new Bluetooth system, which allows greater connection capacity between devices from both the company and third parties.

Is it worth buying the second generation HomePod?

Commenting on the main differences between the two generations, they are similar devices to each other, they even maintain the same color palette as the previous generation: black and white. He price It is the same as the previous generation, 349 euros. However, we have seen that it is a very interesting device and that it has received a good update that makes it a very interesting device to listen to music. The main problem with this device remains the virtual voice assistant, Siri, which is falling a bit behind the competition.

HomePod black

In short, it is a device that if it’s worth it update, since despite reducing some hardware features, the same results are obtained as the previous generation. Along with this, it incorporates a new processor, and better software functions that make this device a hit on the table both for those users who have a Mac and want to listen to music with it, as well as for those users who have an Apple. TV and want to enjoy the audio quality of the new device for Apple’s home.

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