The disappointing Apple Watch already announced by Apple

A few weeks ago, after Apple announced WWDC, all the focus has been on what the company can present on June 5 at Apple Park. Well, much of what Apple presents in this Keynote will be completely related to the next Keynote, which if nothing unusual happens will be in the month of September, and the best example of this is the Apple Watch, on which Apple, without say nothing, you have already given many clues. Keep reading that we will tell you.

Last September, the Cupertino company launched, together with the Apple Watch SE and the Series 8, a new model completely unprecedented up to now, the Apple Watch Ultra, with the aim of giving a touch of fresh air to the entire catalog of smart watches. However, despite the fact that this model has been liked a lot, its price makes it quite prohibitive for many users, and this has caused “life to go on the same” around the Apple Watch.

The reality is that in the normal model, that is, now the Series 8, Apple has been quite continuous for years, changing small details and adding, yes, new functions in terms of health and well-being of users. However, this does not seem to be enough for a public that is already demanding something new, different stimuli that really encourage them to want the product and leave their current model behind. We’re sorry to tell you that, at least this year, it won’t be the time for a new Apple Watch Series 9.

The Apple Watch Series 9 will be practically traced to the Series 8

Apple is leaving many clues about what users will be able to see next September in the Keynote in which the new Apple Watch will be presented, obviously, together with the iPhone. As we said before, the clues that Apple has been leaving and that it continues to leave along the way They do not let us be very optimistic with the news of the Apple Watch Series 9.

Apple WatchSeries 7

The first thing is that, with Apple Watch Series 10 or Apple Watch Series X on the horizon, the most normal thing is that the company saves a really generational change for a figure like the tenth, as happened with the iPhone, since if we look back we can see how the iPhone X was the one that marked the way for the other models that have arrived later. The other indication that portends few changes at the hardware level is the software, according to Apple analysts, based on the leaks received, is that watchOS 9 will be a revolutionary operating systemthe biggest change in the history of the Apple Watch at the software level, surely caused by the lack of news in the Series 9, in this way users will have the feeling of having a “new” Apple Watch, since everything that you will be able to see inside it will be completely different from the current one.

Therefore, all those who were looking forward to a big change in the Apple Watch Series 9, most likely it won’t happensince in the end it makes all the sense in the world from the point of view of Apple that, this year it launches a great revolution in the operating system, for next year, to break everything again with the Apple Watch 10 or X, just as it already did with the iPhone.