The disappointment that the AirPods Max have produced

One of the products that has raised the most criticism in recent years has been the AirPods Max, the Apple headphones that many users have been waiting for so long. These arrived in 2020, so many users are looking forward to a renewal of them. Well, we have bad news about it, so keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

There will be no second version of the AirPods Max, for now

In a world in which it seems that each and every one of the products that exist has to be renewed every year, It seems quite strange how the AirPods Max have not changed at all since they were launched in 2020.. Because of this, rumors have been going around for a long time about the possible change that Apple could make with them, when it could present the second generation or if there is going to be a change in their color palette.

Well, the reality is quite different from what has been rumored for so long, and everything seems to indicate that Apple has no intention of renewingAt least for now, the AirPods Max. This does not mean that it is a product that Cupertino will stop selling, but rather that a renewal with new specifications will not be launched in the coming months.

Now, what does seem like it could happen sooner rather than later is that Apple gives these headphones a small facelift, not through a design change, but rather launching more options at the color level so that users who have not yet been attracted to them have one more incentive to think about whether or not to buy AirPods Max. Remember that, so far, the options offered by Apple are silver, space gray, green, red and blue, which could be incorporate purple, star white and pink. However, this is nothing more than rumors, so we will have to be attentive to the next movements of Apple with the AirPods Max.

Are the current ones worth it?

That said, it is possible that those and those who were waiting for a renewal of the AirPods Max to acquire them, finally decide to buy the current version But are these Apple headphones worth it? As always, the answer to this question depends, in this case not on the use you are going to make of them, but also on the price you are going to buy them.

AirPods Max + iPhone

in the Apple Store they cost 629 euros, a really high price and well above what you have to pay for other options on the market that have very similar specifications. However, in Amazon and other stores there are usually offers from time to time that considerably lower the price of them, many of them below 500 euros, that is when, from our point of view, it is worth buying the AirPods Max. They have enviable noise cancellation, in fact, the best next to the Sony WH1000XM5, not to mention the sound quality they offer, in short, they are headphones with which you will enjoy a lot.