The Double Tap of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, available in beta 2 of watchOS 10.1

Just a few days ago Apple released the second betas for developers of all its operating systems being tested. Among them were iOS and iPadOS 10.1 with a large number of new features. However, the new beta was also released for watchOS 10.1 with one of the most anticipated new features for new users of the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Ultra 2. It is nothing more and nothing less than Double Tap function, which allows users to perform interactive actions with the watch by double tapping their fingers.

The Double Tap modifications in beta 2 of watchOS 10.1

The presentation of the new Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 took place in the September keynote in which we were also able to see the new iPhone 15. One of the relevant novelties of the new watches was the function Double Tap or Double Tap. This function allows according to Apple get the most out of your Apple Watch increasing the actions that can be done by touching the thumb with the index finger twice:

Until the second beta for developers of watchOS 10.1 we had not seen the function available. It was in this version when Apple decided to take the leap. In fact, on their website you can see how they announce that this function will be available starting in October, so we think that this month we will see the launch of the new watchOS 10.1.

Double Tap It includes customization within the watch itself or using the iPhone with iOS 17.1 version, in its beta 2 as well. Within the function configurations we see how a sign is included announcing the basic operation of the movement:

Double-tap your index finger with your thumb to answer a call, reply to a message, view the smart stack of widgets, and more.

You can then modify the functions that are launched when you press twice:

  • Reproduction: We can select if we want to pause or play or if, on the contrary, we want to skip between songs.
  • Smart Widget Stack: Likewise, we can select whether with the double tap we want to move forward in the stack or select the widget in question.

Still, regardless of these specific actions, Double Tap will allow Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 users to silence alarms, take calls, dismiss notifications and much more.

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