the entire iPhone SE 4 was leaked

The iPhone SE 4 will be a completely different terminal from the iPhone 15 and 16, two devices that will be continuous, in general terms, in their design, while the aforementioned SE will be very different from its third generation, so it is possible that become one of the best-selling devices of the year. Do you want to know the features of the economical version of Apple? Keep reading, we'll tell you everything.

The SE 3 was presented at the Spring 2022 Keynote, so it is a device that has been on the market for two years, but with a practically obsolete chassis and components, with a 4.7-inch panel and a Touch ID on its part front with enormous margins. Let's see below the characteristics of this device.


As we already mentioned, it is a design similar to the iPhone 14 with a 6.1-inch screen, Face ID and USB-C connection. This design would cause the cheapest iPhone to have the same design lines as the most current models.

On its front, it will have a Face ID similar to the iPhone 13 with OLED technology, that is, more voluminous and without Dynamic Island, and a single rear camera. Of course, it will not have 120 Hz, but will remain at 60 Hz, to no one's surprise.

The connection will be USB-C. This is one of the reasons that prompts Apple to launch this product in 2024, since from 2025 all devices sold in the European Union must have this connection mandatory. Consequently, they will no longer be able to sell the iPhone 14 or 13 because they have the obsolete Lightning connection. The accounts and the dates add up.

Finally, and this is strange, we will talk about the arrival of the action button. Rumors suggest that they will have an action button with limited functions, although personally I think that will not be the case and it will be a simple button, because the base generation 15 does not have it. If this generation does not have it, a low-cost terminal will not have it.

Camera and battery

Anker Battery

It seems that the iPhone SE 4 will have a single lens on its back. As you already know, iPhones usually have very balanced and very efficient lenses where the software is increasingly having more weight than the hardware itself. For those users who want a low-cost phone within the Apple ecosystem, it is more than enough.

According to a report from a South Korean media, the SE will have a battery much superior to its predecessor, with an increase of 1200mAh further. It may seem like excessive growth, but if you analyze the numbers, it will have the battery of the fourteenth generation of smartphone. The larger the size, the larger the battery.

Processor and prices

apple a16 bionic processor

Currently the iPhone has the A15 Bionic, a very good processor but it has been on the market for several years. According to different rumors, it will carry the A16 to improve fluidity and greater battery efficiency.

The price seems to be around 420 dollarsso the price in Spain can be about 600 euros, that is, 300 euros less than the last generation.

In conclusion, it seems that Apple is designing a new chassis and is not going to recycle designs from previous years, as happened with the SE and SE 3. This is because, if it has a single camera, Face ID and USB- C does not fit any of the designs that Apple has on the market, being a completely new generation. Of course, the components will be recycled, that is, the screen and processor will be from the iPhone 14 and the camera from the iPhone 12.