just came into force a law promulgated and approved by the EU. It can make it possible for Apple users to download applications from third-party stores on iPhone and iPad. This would mean that the App Store could be in danger, especially now that they have decided from California to raise the prices of services and applications. You may think that since it is a law enacted in Europe, it does not affect the US, but it is not like that, since Apple’s market in the old continent is overwhelming and it is not to contradict the rules imposed by Parliament, but rather tell it to the obligation to unify the charger.

The new rules that have come into force they could de facto force Apple to do several things. Like, for example, allowing sideloading of apps on iPhone and iPad. This is done for a specific purpose. For Europe it is important that the digital sector is fairer and more competitive. It is believed that this will be achieved in this way.

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The new Law, which you can download from this link, mentions that the rules must be complied with by those technological giants that meet a series of criteria that may end up defining the aforementioned company as «guardian«. In that case, they will have the obligation to extend their various services and platforms to other companies and developers. Apple meets the requirements to be defined in this way, especially due to the size of its annual turnover in the old continent.

This would not only mean that the App Store should change, but that other services, as has already been said, would also change. We’re talking about changes to iMessage, FaceTime, and Siri. Aside from opening up the App Store to other developers and markets, it might have to give developers the ability to closely interoperate with Apple’s own services. Promote your offers outside of the App Store. And use third-party payment systems. As well as access the data collected by Apple.

We’ll see how Apple responds. Surely you are not happy with the new Law and she will do her best not to have to be referred to as a “guardian.”