We have been hearing for some time that the European Union was going to put an end to Apple’s Lightning connector. In their eagerness, with good judgment in my opinion, to be able to unify all chargers, they wanted Apple to change its way of understanding that one way to respect the environment is also to have a cable for everything and not only, not to sell plugs with new devices. Apple has refused many times, but it seems that, if you want to continue selling devices on European territory, you will have to jump through hoops. Now, by the time it will become mandatory, it is more than likely that Apple has adopted USB-C much earlier.

If you think about it, at Apple there is one thing that doesn’t quite add up. That some of your devices have a charging and data cable in Lightning mode, and on the other some with USB-C. A standard that exists worldwide and that more and more devices have. Not only mobiles or tablets. It is because of that in Europe they have wanted to unify those chargers, but have always been met with reluctance from Apple. Now it seems that there will be no choice but to change if you want to continue in the European market.

The European Parliament has finally reached an agreement on a directive that requires all consumer electronics manufacturers that sell their products in Europe to ensure that a wide range of devices have a USB-C port. All this by the end of 2024. In this way, Apple will have to renew all the chargers, for example, of the iPhone, an iPad model, charging case of some AirPods and many accessories.

However, we understand that Apple’s idea was to change these chargers to USB-C, sometime next year. But with this directive, we know that, by 2025, all Apple products sold in Europe will come with USB-C