The exclusive novelty of this iPhone that users will fall in love with

There are many open issues on the horizon of the Cupertino company, and at a time when it has already begun to glimpse what the iPhone 16 could be like, yes, the 16, not the 15, one of the most popular has come out again. Apple’s most reputable analysts to confirm the function that one of the iPhone models that will arrive next September will have exclusively.

Despite the fact that there are still several months left to know what Apple is preparing for the new iPhone, many details are known about these devicesand it is that after all it is one of the most anticipated gadgets both by the Apple community and practically by everyone, with obviously greater emphasis on the tech community.

As we told you, since the iPhone 15 began to be talked about, there have been many rumors and leaks that have been known about these devices, but the truth is that until Apple presented them, it will not be known for sure if they were correct or not. No. One of those rumors that has been talked about has to do, of course, with the cameras of this deviceand everything indicates that finally, yes, the users of this equipment will be able to enjoy it.

A periscope lens for the iPhone 15 Pro Max

There is no denying the enormous capabilities that the iPhone has both in the photographic and video sections., and it is that we are surely facing one of the most complete smartphones on the market in this area, in fact, it is the one chosen by the vast majority of content creators for their day to day, for a reason. However, like everything in life, it is far from perfect, which is why Apple continues to improve the performance of its lenses every year.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Lenses

One of the big buts that has always been put on the iPhone, especially when compared to the rest of the competing equipment, is the zoomwhich currently remains at a 3x optical zoom in the Pro models and which, according to Ming-Chi Kuo, will improve considerably in the new models, reaching offer up to 5x or 6xcoming considerably closer to what other devices are capable of.

To be able to offer it, the iPhone will have a periscope lens, which will allow twice as much light to enter it, offering much better results than those offered by a digital zoom. Also, you have to keep in mind that this lens will be exclusive to the Pro Max modelIn other words, the iPhone 15 Pro will not have this functionality, returning Apple to the strategy of not only differentiating the normal range from the Pro, but also both teams from the latter. This is not the first time that it has happened within Apple, in fact the next move will surely be, in the next generation, to also implement it within the Pro model. However, we will have to remain attentive to everything that the main analysts of Manzana.