The famous Apple Watch Ultra from Apple with a great discount Take advantage!

One of the Apple products that has attracted the most attention in recent times has been exactly this, the Apple Watch Ultra. However, despite the fact that it has really good and powerful specifications, it has been heavily criticized for one specific reason, its price. Well, if you are one of those users who did not buy it because of the amount of money you have to pay for it, in this post you have a discount that might end up convincing you to buy it.

discount available

As we mentioned, about the Apple Watch Ultra more has been said about its price than about what it is capable of doing unlike the rest of the Apple Watch models, obviously taking into account the public to which this watch is aimed. This is a version that is not for everyone, both because of the exclusive functions it has, as well as the materials it is made of and, of course, because of the price, since spending 999 euros on a watch is not a dish of good taste for the vast majority of users.

However, and despite the fact that Apple never carries out discounts or promotions that allow users to buy products at a good discount, there are other stores or establishments such as MediaMarkt that do offer this possibility to users, often lowering considerably these products. Well, just the Apple Watch Ultra has a good discount, for a limited time, which will allow all users to save a good amount of money on their purchase, since It has a price of 935 eurosthat is, a reduction of 65 euros with respect to its original price.

Is the Apple Watch Ultra worth it?

This is the big question that many users, before launching or not for this watch, ask themselves. Well then, the answer is always dependsand it is that in the end the demands that you have placed on the watch and the activities that you are going to do with it are key in order to decide if this Apple Watch Ultra is really the right watch for you or not.

Apple Watch Ultra

What cannot be denied is that it is a very high-quality product, it has a titanium case which not only gives it extra resistance to be able to expose it in risky sports or sports in which it is more exposed to bumps and falls, but also gives it a different aesthetic touch. You also have to take into account the batterysince you can go up to two days without charging it, not to mention the exclusive functions for outdoor sports what’s wrong with it. In short, everything will depend on the use you want to make of the device.

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