The famous iMac is much cheaper on Amazon

One of the Apple products that most users dream of is the iMac, well, if you were thinking of buying one of the current Apple computers, of course you are in luck thanks to the great discount offered by Amazon and that we have in this post. Take advantage of these opportunities are not usually repeated.

discounts available

The Cupertino company does not usually offer discounts on its devices, so anyone who wants to buy a cheaper Apple product through its physical or online stores, the only way to do so is by waiting for a new one to be presented. generation and, in addition, Apple does not remove the previous one from the market, since this is usually done very frequently. However, and luckily for all users, on Amazon it is more common to find offers on Apple equipment and today, moreover, it has been the turn of the iMac M1. Below we leave you the discounts available in each of the models.

  • iMac M1 with 8GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, and 7 GPU cores
    • 256GB storage
      • Blue color: 150 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 150 euros discount.
      • Pink color: not available.
      • Green color: not available.

  • iMac M1 with 8GB RAM, 8 CPU cores, and 8 GPU cores
    • 256GB storage
      • Blue color: 180 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 170 euros discount.
      • Pink color: 230 euros discount.
      • Green color: 180 euros discount.
    • 512GB storage
      • Blue color: 234 euros discount.
      • Silver color: 197 euros discount.
      • Pink color: not available.
      • Green color: 260 euros discount.

Is this Apple computer really worth it?

One of the reasons the iMac has always been such a desirable product is because of the great reliability and durability that characterizes him. They are equipment that usually last for years and years but not in any way, but offering the user a really good experience. That is why investing in a computer of this type is always a good sign, yes, knowing the needs that it has to cover.

imac m1

You have to keep in mind that this iMac has 8GB RAMso that it is not the most suitable computer to do professional work that require a lot of power. Now, for a traditional use of office automation or Internet browsing, it will undoubtedly offer you everything you need, in the same way that if at any time you have to carry out a heavier task, it will also more than fulfill it, but if It will be common, you may have to think about loading it with higher specifications or go for a somewhat higher option.

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