The features that consume the most battery in iOS 16

dynamic backgrounds

One of the great novelties of iOS 16 was the lock screen customization and settings. The customization of the backgrounds gives a personal and distinctive touch to each device. However, many of the money that come by default need a lot of resources. Specifically, we are referring to the bottom of the earth, where you have to have the location activated, which you have to have constantly activated.

Along with location funds, dynamic backgrounds They also need a lot of resources, they are the climate funds, since it is in constant update to give you the most accurate values ​​possible. Furthermore, this fund doubles battery consumption, due to the fact that it needs battery resources to offer location data such as weather.


It is true that it is not an exclusive function of iOS 16, but its importance has increased with the launch of the new version of iOS, since it multiplies its functions. Many of these functions they constantly need to be updated or get information from the device, which is an incredible waste of resources. Some of the Widgets that consume the most batteries are the battery, emails, and some that need to know your location.

iOS 16 lock screen

It is best to leave only the must-have widgets you need, especially if you have a device several years which does not have the battery to its maximum capacity.

keyboard vibration

A few days ago, Apple has officially confirmed that if you have activated the Apple function keyboard Vibration, the battery degrades faster.

to see if you got it activated or not, You have to go to Settings, and, in settings, click on Sound and Vibration. In this tab, you disable the function of disable keyboard. This keyboard vibration function uses the same battery regardless of whether we are composing a message on Spark, WhatsApp or iMessage.

The fitness app

In versions prior to iOS 16, the sports application, Apple Fitness, he was in much better shape limited and we had a higher degree of synchronization with the rest of the iOS functions.


With the arrival of iOS 16, this application is within iOS, so that your iPhone is analyzing your activity at all times, analyzing your data in the background, constantly consuming resources and, above all, performing functions that we have not given authorization. To see if we have this function activated, we have to go to Settings, and click on Privacy and Security, and there deactivate the mentioned function.

Apps and notifications

The background updates It is not a new function of iOS 16, but it is a function that we can uninstall to avoid unnecessary consumption of resources and, install it when we can or at the moment that we are charging the device, so as not to consume charge cycles or discharge the iPhone. To deactivate it, you have to go to Settings, and in the General window deactivate “update automatically”.

This function is not only for iOS versions, but also for Applications like HBO Max, Spotify or others. Also, all of the mentioned apps constantly send notifications and, of course, the more notifications, the more battery consumption occurs, so reducing the number of arrivals or deactivating the notification of any of your notifications, can make the battery last over time.