The month of June is just around the corner and everyone is paying attention to what happens at WWDC24, especially taking into account the great hypothetical environment that is being created around artificial intelligence in iOS 18. There are few the real rumors we have about Apple's new operating systems, but what is certain is that Artificial intelligence or AI will be present to a greater or lesser extent. In fact, Mark Gurman has already reported that the first AI functions They will run on the device itself without needing to connect to Apple servers.

The first news of the AI ​​functions of iOS 18 begin to leak

In his new Sunday newsletter, Mark Gurman, the Bloomberg leaker, has assured that Apple does not propose any cloud processing component in the first AI features in iOS 18 in a large language model (LLM). That is the functions will be executed on the device itself without depending on any Apple cloud component.

However, it is a reality that Apple is investing in AI servers, so it is likely that they are considering a progressive launch of artificial intelligence. Perhaps in a first stage they will base their functions on the integration of these functions in the hardware, where their processing would take place, and later they will launch themselves fully into tools and functions in the cloud.

visionOS design

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It must also be taken into account that Apple remains in negotiations with Google over the use of Gemini or even AI tools from other companies such as OpenAI or Baidu, all of them closely related to generative AI. Therefore, the launch of its own generative AI is very far away according to Gurman. Although all these doubts will be cleared up on June 10…