Rumors about new Apple devices are the daily bread. But there are rumors and rumors. Depending on which part of the supply chain the information comes from, as well as the leak history of the analyst who is publishing it, we can give one or another importance to said information. Ross Young is a well-known Apple leaker who has published a few days ago Apple’s roadmap with its iPhone until 2027 and we can see how the first Face ID integrated under the screen will have the iPhone 17 Pro.

We will not see a Face ID under the screen until the iPhone 17 Pro

We have spent years fantasizing about a screen without a notch on the iPhone. However, Apple gave us one of lime and another of sand with the iPhone 14 Pro. They eliminated the notch as we knew it, but integrated the Dynamic Island, which was still a modern notch. The future of the iPhone is on a screen without any type of external element, but to get to that, a lot of investment is needed and a lot of time until the technology is sufficiently developed to carry it out.

no notch

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iPhone roadmap around the screen

In Ross Young’s new leak on his twitter account exposes the iPhone roadmap around two elements: Face ID and front camera. This revolves around the touch screen panel and the different technology needed to avoid removing the Dynamic Island to insert both the camera and Face ID sensors under the screen. If we analyze the image, we can highlight the following:

  • The iPhone 15 (2023) and the iPhone 16 (2024) will not incorporate any new features except the entry of the Dynamic Island in the standard models with the iPhone 15.
  • The iPhone 17 (2025) will be the first iPhone to incorporate a Face ID under the screen with a black circular slit in the shape of a hole with the camera. While the standard models the iPhone 17 will still continue with the Dynamic Island.
  • It will not be until the iPhone 19 (2027) when the standard models will receive Face ID under the screen and the hole for the camera. While the Pro models of the iPhone 19 will integrate both the camera and the Face ID sensors under the screen, leaving a touch panel only intended for the screen.
  • The standard model of the iPhone 17 will also incorporate the ProMotion functions that the Pro models of the current iPhone already have.

This diagram will change over time since the one published by Young in May 2022 heralded the arrival of the Face ID sensor integrated into the panel much earlier than with the iPhone 17. We can only wait and see how the next ones unfold. Apple iPhone