The first Neuralink patient is able to control the Magic Mouse by thinking, says Elon Musk

Elon Musk is a genius. Like it or not, but he is a genius. It can be considered as the first influencer entrepreneur of the world because a tweet yours from your own platform is capable of revolutionizing the world, as it has already done more than once. One of his most brilliant and unknown companies is Neuralink, where he has carried out one of the most important advances in science in recent years, in which the Magic Mouse, Apple's mouse, has played a fundamental role.

Apple's Magic Mouse, key to success

Elon Musk recently said that the first human patient that he has been implanted with a brain chip from the company Neuralink, he seems to have completely recovered and that, thanks to the technology that said Silicon incorporates, he is able to move a mouse using his own thoughts. Previously, they had implemented said chips in monkeys who were taught to play different games from the Atari company.

Elon, in X, wrote that thanks to his technological advances, “The patient is able to move the Magic Mouse around the screen just by thinking.” However, he is not satisfied with the achievement achieved, but hopes that in the coming months he can obtain as many clicks as the patient wants.

The company successfully implanted a chip in its first patient in January 2024 after obtaining permission from the FDA last year to be able to experiment on humans and not just animals. He thus broke with one of the most important milestones between human beings and machines, where it seems that transhumanism has laid the “first stone.”

To implement said chip, a high-tech robot has surgically introduced a brain-computer interface implant into a region of the brain that controls the body's motor skills.

Next steps

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The roadmap seems clear and it is certain what steps have to be followed to develop this chip that will help people improve their quality of life. In this sense, the American magnate gave examples of some of the features that will be included in the following generations of this processor, stating that with the health monitoring, you could measure body temperature to detect a fever early or detect a stroke from the first moment.

Beyond the ability to move objects and analyze patterns such as those described, the aforementioned company also seeks to improve people's lives, as Apple has been developing in recent years, with the implementation of improvements at the level of software and hardware. In this sense, the new glasses that Apple is working on stand out, its new smart ring or the Vision Pro with functions designed for accessibility. In addition, it is possible that at some point in the coming years, Apple and Neuralink will talk about Elon's technology being implemented in Cupertino devices and vice versa, with the aim of continuing to advance Steve Jobs' dream: a better relationship between machines and people.