The foldable iPhone could have a design that no one expected

One of the criticisms that has been leveled at Apple in recent times is that they do not have any foldable devices. Competing brands such as LG, Huawei or Motorola already have their bets in the market. But the truth is that this is about to change in the not too distant future. Regarding what the first foldable iPhone would be, in this article we bring you a rumor about the design it could have. Do you want to know what it could be like? We tell you!

It was the English-speaking news outlet Patently Apple that echoed some reports published in The Information. “Apple is developing a foldable iPhone, and the reality is that patents for this foldable device have been filed since 2019.” And although those from Cupertino have been working on it for years, theor what has now been known has to do with the design that this next phone may have.

To all this, what is also commented is that These foldable iPhones are “in early stages of development and are not in plans to be mass produced in 2024 or 2025”, as they explain. So it won't be this year when we end up seeing them either.

The design of the first foldable iPhone

The design that this first folding phone is said to have would be a clamshell style. It would not be something like what we have seen in the Galaxy Z Fold. But it would be, rather, in the style of the Galaxy ZFlip. The origin of this design has to do with a patent that was registered in May 2021, although according to what they explain, this design was “only a small part of Apple's entire portfolio of folding designs.”

From Patently Apple they comment on the logic behind this design choice. “Due to price, the Galaxy Z Flip is more popular than the Galaxy Z Fold.” Precisely, This same price is what would be Apple's argument to carry out an increase, and make this new type of foldable iPhone the new premium rangethey explain.

Apple is already moving with its suppliers

Apple is not alone in the path of producing foldable iPhones. And neither is it now with the iPad, Mac and all its current products. Regarding the screens, which are the most important components for devices of this type, they are using LG and Samsung Display.

These two companies are the ones that manufacture the panels for the different products that Apple ends up selling to the general public. And at the end of last year we already learned how Samsung Display was creating a division of work that would focus exclusively on the development of folding screens to supply Apple.

samsung logo display

More folding rumors

Another of the big rumors that have emerged recently is that the first device that Apple could present would be an iPad, since the screen size, once unfolded, was going to be very similar to the iPad mini.

In the case of the iPhone, it is now known that it is still in the early stages of development. And taking into account the type of design they could bet on, it only remains to be seen how events will develop in the coming months.

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