We are counting the days until the arrival of the new iPad Air and iPad Pro. Day by day we wonder if something has happened in Cupertino to delay its presentation so much. However, everything indicates that next week we will have new iPads. Until we reach the official date, there are still days to continue receiving rumors and leaks. A new rumor points to a 10 to 15% reduction in the frames of the new iPad Pro compared to the current generation. This modification will be subtle but it will be appreciated, especially in the corners, which will be slightly more rounded and there will be a little more screen.

The new iPad Pro will have up to 15% less frame

The main new features of the iPad Air have been published several times. The most important among them is the launch of a new 12.9-inch model, making Apple's largest screen on iPads accessible in the lowest-end model. On the contrary, on the iPad Pro little news and rumors have emerged and only the arrival of the M3 chip and an OLED screen similar to that of the iPhone is rumored.

iPad ProiPad Pro

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We will have new iPad Air and iPad Pro at the end of March or April

A few minutes ago, a user published a new leak on Weibo regarding the iPad Pro. Apparently, the new iPad Pro They will have a reduction in external frames (excluding the metal component) of between 10 and 15% with respect to the current version. This would leave us with the frames of the 11-inch iPad Pro being 7.12 mm and those of the 12.9-inch model being 7.08 mm.

A user of X (former Twitter social network), @BasicAppleGuyhas published an image where it has taken these new dimensions to compare them with the current iPad Pro model. And, although at first glance no changes can be observed, if we look closely the corners allow to be a little more rounded and the screen space is slightly larger, as the frames have been reduced.

Image – @BasicAppleGuy