The future of the iPad will really be bright with the new OLED screens

For several years now, rumors about the arrival of the long-awaited OLED screens to Apple’s iPad line have been a constant. However, recent rumors suggest that a bigger change to the displays on all of Apple’s iPad models could finally be on the way.

OLED technology has proven to be a success in devices like the Apple Watch and iPhone, but until now, iPads have kept their LED screens. Apple has gotten to work and OLED screens could reach all iPad models soon.

OLED: A revolutionary technology that will make us wait for some iPad models

OLED screens have been praised for their outstanding image quality and its ability to deliver more vibrant colors and deeper blacks compared to traditional LED screens. Although this technology has been widely adopted in other Apple devices, such as the Apple Watch and the iPhone, the iPad has been lagging behind in this regard.

Recently, a report on the blog of yeux1122 has shaken the Apple fan community by stating that the Cupertino company is in negotiations with major OLED display suppliers, including LG, Samsung and other Chinese companies. These talks focus on the acquisition of active matrix OLED (AMOLED) displays that would be used in two iPad models, apart from the iPad Pro.

It is speculated that the models that could receive the long-awaited OLED screens are the iPad Air and iPad mini. These devices are known for their popularity among users looking for a balance between performance and portability. However, what was most surprising is that Production of these iPads with OLED screens could begin after 2025suggesting that we might not see the results of these negotiations until 2026. This possible launch would coincide with the spring 2026.

yeux1122’s blog, which has spread this news, has a history of reliable reporting in the past. In fact, this blog’s claims come just a few days after market research firm Omdia also mentioned that “Apple is continually discussing the possibility of expanding the use of OLED technology in Apple’s iPad Mini and iPad Air lineup.” 2026 onwards. Omdia also indicated that iPad Pro models could see OLED updates much sooner, possibly as early as next year.

A change that many of us expect

OLED technology is known for its ability to deliver true blacks and more vivid colors thanks to its ability to turn off each pixel individually. This feature is especially important on devices like iPads, which are used for tasks ranging from consuming online content to creating the content itself.

The iPad Pro, with its mini-LED screen, has already taken a step in the direction of better image quality, but users hope to see this technology in more affordable iPad models, such as the iPad Air and iPad mini .