The future of the Mac is getting closer to the iPhone

In reality all devices are related to each other. Of course, first of all because of the ecosystem but also because Apple follows a design line that highlights the simplicity and originality of each and every one of its products. Therefore, it is not so crazy to think that the next Mac M3 that could be presented this fall are very similar to the new iPhone 15 Pro.

Renewed design and titanium

The iPhone 15 Pro has introduced a notable change by incorporating a titanium body instead of the stainless steel that has been used since the iPhone is. Titanium, known for its strength and light weight, has drastically reduced the overall weight of this iPhone.

While the aluminum casing on the MacBook Pro is good, the transition to a titanium chassis would be a very interesting step on the Mac. In addition, Apple could consider offering finishes similar to those available for the iPhone 15 Pro, such as the new and elegant “natural titanium”. This would not only enhance the aesthetics of the Macs, but would also further distinguish them as premium-end laptops compared to the MacBook Air line that now has a very similar design.

UWB chip

The iPhone 15 Pro has incorporated the second generation of the ultra wideband (UWB) chip, which allows precise search of devices. Although this function is very useful on the iPhone and Apple Watch, its incorporation on Macs would be equally appreciated by users. The Search app on Mac It is also often used, and the improved functionality offered by the UWB chip would be a great advance for Mac users who want to keep tabs on their devices and know the precise location of them.

Additionally, the UWB chip could play an important role in future integration between the Mac and Apple’s Vision Pro. WWDC has already teased close functionality between the Mac and Vision Pro, and the inclusion of a UWB chip could open up new possibilities for interoperability between both devices, giving more clues as to how the Apple Vision Pro will integrate into the ecosystem and interact with others. devicesfind my mac

The new 12MP TrueDepth Selfie Camera

One area where Macs have fallen behind is the quality of the internal camera when doing FaceTime. While the MacBooks and iMac use a 1080p camera, the iPhone features a 12MP TrueDepth selfie camera that offers advanced features and produces quality images. In that sense, Apple should integrate a similar solution into the Mac.

Users would like the Mac to offer video call quality comparable to that of the iPhone, without the need for additional configurations.