The future of video games on the Apple Vision Pro will be incredible thanks to this collaboration

Fortunately for developers, the Unity platform has taken a great leap forward by offering full support for this new technology. Below we tell you everything that is known so far.

Unity announces support for visionOS

After months in beta testing, Unity has announced the public availability of its support for all developers looking to create native applications for Apple Vision Pro.

In July 2023, shortly after Apple unveils the launch of the Apple Vision Pro, the Unity company already surprised the community by launching its support for visionOS in beta. At that time, this initiative was aimed directly at developers of games and other applications, with the purpose of allowing them create applications designed specifically for Apple Vision Pro.

Today, after more than six months of work and collaborations with thousands of developers around the world, Unity has announced that its support for visionOS is available to all Unity Pro, Enterprise, and Industrial subscribers.

This means developers can now take full advantage of Unity tools and features to create immersive spatial experiences in the new Apple Vision Pro mixed reality ecosystem.

New mixed reality games are already on the way for the Apple Vision Pro

Unity is clear about this and wants its tools to allow developers to create completely immersive mixed reality experiences. This implies the possibility that players will immerse themselves in a virtual world where the way they interact with the game will be completely different. Some developers have already spoken out, such as Mikkel Fredborg, technical leader of Light Brick Studio, who commented on how incredible it has been to create “LEGO Builder's Journey” for Apple Vision Pro.

Also other developers such as Tommy Palm, from Resolution Games, have made public that his company is working on a yet unannounced project that uses Unity's visionOS support and will be released later in 2024. This shows the developers' confidence in Unity's capabilities and its commitment to bringing its titles to the newest and most innovative devices, such as the Apple Vision pro.

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The collaboration between Unity and Apple Vision Pro marks an exciting step forward in the mixed reality gaming industry. Developers now have at their disposal a very powerful platform to create native applications that take full advantage of the capabilities of the new Apple device. This collaboration is an exciting opportunity for everyone looking to explore and expand the boundaries of mixed reality technology. The arrival of Apple Vision Pro and Unity support are paving the way to an incredible future in the world of technology.