The gift that every Apple fan wants

iPhone 4, emblematic inside and out

The iPhone 4S is unique for many reasons, being one of the most beautiful devices in Apple’s history. This design was the first with a new design and flat edges, resembling current iPhone models. Doesn’t the current iPhone iPad Pro remind you of the iconic design of that time? The structure of this design disappeared in the iPhone 7, to reappear four generations later, with the iPhone 12 and which remains today. Together with the new design, processor and iPhone, in this new generation we met for the first time Siri, Apple’s virtual assistant and that we still have on our devices.

The perfect present

11 years ago the presentation of the iPhone 4 and 4S, where there have been numerous changes in mobile phones. At Apple, one of the biggest changes was introduced with the iPhone X, completely abandoning the Touch ID that this generation included for a FaceID, which, supposed a new technological revolution, like the one that happened in its day with the presentation of the first iPhone and with the confirmation of the iPhone 4 and 4S.

You can buy this beautiful model today, but not as a mobile device, since life goes by and Apple has been around for several generations since those of Cupertino has stopped supporting this device and has recognized it as deprecated, that is, Apple does not provide support or repairs to the device. However, the company GRID has dismantled the device, offering a view of it practically in collector format, with all the pieces around it.


Grid, already known for having carried out the same procedure with the previous iPhone, offers a beautiful disassembly of the forty parts and components that individually make up the iPhone. In addition, the pieces are glued on a complete white background, with measurements and labels so you know exactly what component it is.

Ancient technology to decorate the present

The collector’s item offered by Grid can be placed anywhere on your home or work studio, since the representation of the components of the iPhone 4S around its case with a flat bottom and black edges makes a perfect combination between the Old technology and the new current modern trends.


Finally, together with the iPhone, you can add the design of the processor that this iPhone incorporated, specifically, the A5X processor inside of a rectangular glass box, being the perfect and complete gift that you were making.

The price of Grid 4S is 131 euros, where you can divide the purchase into four months without interest. The design of the A5X Processor, it has a price of 37 euro,the total amount being about 168 euros plus shipping costs.

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