The good and the bad that Apple has hidden from the HomePod mini

The HomePod mini has received a “big” update without even changing anything in its design, features or even available colors. However, not everything about this update is good, and on top of that, Apple has barely mentioned it. So if you want to find out everything, keep reading that in this post we will tell you about it.

The good thing about the new HomePod mini

as we said, Apple has renewed the HomePod mini without doing practically nothingIn fact, all users who already have a HomePod mini will also have this “renewal” completely free, since the novelty comes through an update, all caused by the launch of the new 2nd generation HomePod.

One of the great novelties that this 2nd generation HomePod brings is that it has sensors capable of measuring both temperature what’s in the place where you are, as well as humidity, something that to be possible before you had to have gadgets made on purpose for it. Well, it seems that the inclusion of these two sensors is not the first time that Apple has done so in a HomePod, since it has now been discovered that the HomePod mini already has them. Both were completely hidden on this computer, and from now on, users will be able to start using them thanks to the fact that Apple is going to activate them through a software update.

Therefore, right now any user who goes to the Apple Store to buy a new HomePod, be it the mini or the 2nd generation, will have the possibility not only to listen to music through them or use Siri to perform certain actions, you’ll also have access to the temperature and humidity data that HomePod 2nd generation or HomePod mini is capable of collecting.

The bad thing that Apple has not mentioned

We have already told you the good part that Apple “had not counted”, or rather, it had not stood out until now. However, this is not all that has come to HomePod mini with the launch of the 2nd generation HomePod, since something that users will not like is the price increase that this team has suffered in the Apple Store.

This movement was quite foreseeable by Apple, and the truth is that the increase is not at all alarming in a device that has always stood out for two fundamental aspects, which are the benefits it has in terms of sound, since due to its size it is remarkable both the volume as above all, the sound quality it offers, and secondly, the price of the equipment, and that is that before, for only 99 euros you had a truly incredible equipment. From now on, as we say, the price of the HomePod mini has increased, going from 99 euros to 109 euros. Obviously, it is not an incredible leap, nor does it surely mean that no user who was interested in it would now back down when buying it, but it is certainly a fact that users have to know and that cannot go unnoticed.